What was the Last Movie you watched?



Frenzy (1972) 8/10


Tango and Cash ( 1989 )
VHS looked real rough compared to DVD but it was still entertaining.


The Runaways (2010) 6/10

Ragtime (1981) 7/10


If you liked ‘In China They Eat Dogs’, then you should also see ‘The Green Butchers’.


Just watched The Vault, it had a few very good moments, but overall it wasn’t anything that i would like to watch again.



In ascolto (2006) 5/10

The Captain’s Summit (2009) 8/10


Just finished watching The Circle, and as a movie its nothing special. However it does raise a few good questions about privacy.


Das Wunder von Berlin (2008) 6,5/10


“Old Men in New Cars” is a nice sequel(-ish) to that movie.


Thanks, I will buy the DVD as soon as possible (yes, I’m kind of old-school :iagree:!).


Awhile ago I have watched Jeepers Creepers I and II.
Have any of you watch IT, how was it? I heard a lot of good comments.


I haven’t watch it yet. it will go on list of movies to see.


Don’t forget to leave us a feedback about the film. I’m still trying to convince my cousin to accompany me though.


State of Play ( TV Mini-Series, 2003) 8,5/10


Beltracchi - Die Kunst der Fälschung (2014) 7/10


The State Within (TV Series, 2006) 7/10


No the first time that I have watched this movie, but this would be the first time that I would be able to watch it with the directors comments. Something that i always find very interesting.


Arrival (2016) 8/10


Killing Gunther, I did not like it 4/10


Miller’s Crossing (1990) 7/10