What was the Last Movie you watched?



Mine was Shaun of the Dead (55th time, yes I am Obsessed with the movie)


Good movie, a bit boring at times.


March of the Penguins (just finished it, bought it today)


The Descent , this afternoon. Together with “Blood creek” it is my top of worst movie ever :slight_smile:


awwwww that movie made me so mad! when the one penguin was trying to steal another’s egg!!! what jerks!


mine was Hoodwinked

not bad, but not great either


Being honest: Johnny English, with my 10 y.o. daughter :kiss:. John Malkovich rescues the nonsense back to ‘watchable’, thankfully…

For my own recent choice… Scent of A Woman; just to see Pacino’s sheer control of the scenes.


Moved to Entertainment Talk. OK, so I’m bored :bigsmile:

The last movie I watched was awhile back, I go through phases…I watched “The Exorcism of Emily Rose”. :slight_smile:


Yeah, but the whole pack of penguins came to the rescue to prevent it from happening…


The lord of the rings

The book is better, but the movie is not so bad :bigsmile:


last film i watched was ‘dogville’. Interesting concept, but film felt a little too long.


Attack of the killer tomatoes - :slight_smile:


NOTHING is worse than Killer Klowns from Outer Space


The davinci code and the one before that was MI3. Both great movies.


I know in the theaters I threw a coke at the screen.


last movie i watched was ummmmm thats it Final Destination 3. Good movie that


I just watched Bloodrayne. Lots of blood but thats about it.


Hilarious movie I like that one too.

I watched Enemy of the State last night. What a trip! The bad guys birthdate was 9.11 :eek:


Was there cake?

Last movie i watched was from hell… but i fell asleep halfway through it, waking up to a scream…