What was the last movie you actually purchased?


I’m trying to remember the last movie I bought, and I think it was the Charlize Theron movie Atomic Blonde from last year, and I only bought that one as a gift for my brother. Past that, I’m at a loss…maybe Edge of Tomorrow with Tom Cruise, but that’s four years back. Both of those were Blu ray purchases.

I don’t care about 4k Ultra HD Blu ray in the slightest, and won’t invest in that format, but I still watch movies all the time, I just don’t buy the physical copies anymore. Online streaming and the very rare Redbox rental are my primary means of watching anything these days. I got a free, one year subscription to Netflix and have been exploring its library for the past three months.

So, how does that compare to you guys? This site used to be known as one of the primary websites for backing up movies, but I just don’t see that activity continuing for DVD’s and Blu ray, since physical copies don’t seem to be as popular as in the past. Ultra HD Blu Ray may be another story.


It’s been the case for many years now that I tend to watch all my movies on satellite TV.

If there’s something that I really like I might buy it but that doesn’t happen that often.

The last ones I bought are probably Shutter Island and Inception.


Between Netflix and Amazon Prime I don’t think I have purchased a movie in 3 or 4 years. I’m like you, I just stream everything. My video library is just collecting dust. I don’t even use my music CD’s in the car anymore.


The last 2 I bought was Black Panther and Ant Man and the Wasp
A year ago I was probably buying 20 movies a month now I barely buy 1 a month
The last 5 or 6 movies were Blu Ray and I don’t back up my Blu Rays

Between Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime I stream most of what I have time to watch.


Yesterday I purchased The Big Lebowski 4k. Just released on the 16th. Amazon $18.00.


It’s been many years since I’ve purchased a movie. Most of the time, I’m able to see new movies in the theaters simply by attending a pr-release showing of the film locally. that’s made possible by the fact that we live close to Hollywood and many new films are shown in order to get favorable comments for the local newspapers.

Other than that, I’ll watch older films on TV such as the movie channel which have stories to which I can relate.



I bought William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet on Blu-ray in 2016 to replace a non-anamorphic DVD. It’s not that I have a preference for streaming, it’s my dissatisfaction with current movies and indifference to 4k/HDR.

Nothing new I want, nothing old I feel I need to upgrade.


For me it’s more a case of there aren’t that many movies that I’d permanently want to be able watch again in the future as they’re available on satellite for quite a long time and I can record them to the box and keep them for as long as I want.

I do run out of space but by the time I’m deleting stuff I’m pretty much finished with it anyway.


I still buy a blu-ray movie now and then. The last one that I bought was I, Tonya.


I bought Thor: Ragnarok earlier this year.

I still like Blu-ray over Digital because I’m not dependent on the Streaming company and whether that particular title was pulled or not, and that has been the case with older titles sometimes with the Service Providers.


Homeland (TV series, 2011 -) 8,5/10


Super 8 (2011) 7/10