What was the last album you listened to?



Tommy Dorsey / Glenn Miller / Benny Goodman / Artie Shaw ‎– Up Swing (1944)


Megadeth ~ rust in peace / countdown to extinction


The Best Big Bands of the Swing Era


Dream theater - images and words
Alice cooper - trash
Slayer - south of heaven
Rainbow - rising


Coroner - R.I.P.
Coroner - Punishment for decadence
Coroner - No more Color
Coroner - Mental Vortex
Coroner - Grin



Slayer - Repentless


Box of Frogs


U2 - Zooropa. One of the most underappreciated and greatest 90s albums.


Clawfinger - Clawfinger


It was some music I saw on line that’s supposed to be Beatlemusic from a parallel Earth believe it or not?
It’s been available for a while ,but I was curious about it. Overall real or hoax? It’s pretty good.:grinning:


Hardly the 1st time. Takes me back…




Google says:


Fates Waring - Live over Europe



Trivium - In waves


I’ve mentioned them before. Three young sisters from Mexico, The Warning

Title track from their first album 21st Century Blood.

Quite impressive considering their young age.


Currently listening to the new Obscura LP called Diluvium, and so far I have to say that I am loving it, technical death metal at its best, well at least for 2018.

Here is a quick sample.


Feeling a wee bit prog today… 1st outing w/out Gabriel. YMMV

Genesis - A Trick of the Tail