What was the last album you listened to?



Deep Purple - Perfect Strangers



After Forever - Exordium

also their next LP (invincible Circles) was even better


W.A.S.P. - The Crimson idol


The Who - Live at Leeds



Whitesnake - 1987


One of the best technical death metal albums, released back in 1991, Atheist’s - Unquestionable presence


Don Nix - Hobos, Heroes and Street Corner Clowns


This guy wrote some classic material.


I spent a few hours listening to the new trivum - The sin and the sentence and I have to say that I wasnt very impressed, it had few good moments like the the heart from the hate, Beyond oblivion, Sever the hand however most of the songs should have ended way before the four minute mark. Overall the previous LP was much better, this could have been a very good one, if some songs were closer to four minutes and not six.

Here is a quick listen on one song.


Preacher Jack - Rock and Roll Preacher



Fates Warning - A pleasant shade of gray


REO Speedwagon - Hi Infidelity


Leon Machère - F.A.M.E…

Jokes aside. It was Detlev Joecker - 40 Adventslieder.


Side One, disc one of: Leon Russell - Leon Live


Vinyl Polysterene PVC.
I am a lathe troll too.


Candlemass - Nightfall


Symphony X - The odyssey


Jimi Hendrix - Electric Ladyland

Well, this was a bust of a display. But, you all know the album anyway. One of my all-time favorites.


Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush - Live


Communication breakdown, it’s always the same
Havin’ a nervous breakdown, a-drive me insane


Johnny Winter - Johnny Winter