What was the last album you listened to?



My brother who is way younger than me gave me a copy of Drake’s album. - The Return Of East Atlanta Santa. Its actualy quite okay :slight_smile:


BUDDY GUY & JUNIOR WELLS - Drinkin’ Tnt ‘N’ Smokin’ Dynamite


Put this on for a late, late Saturday night excursion into the blues…from a couple originals.


Life of agony - The river runs red, i got this on cassette back when it was first released, a nice album.


Catfish - Live Catfish


Purchased this album shortly after it came out just on the cover image. Well worth the investment!


Iron Maiden - Live after death


Miles Davis - Bitches Brew


Still have the original 2-lp set, plus the four-disc complete set.


Not a huge Jazz fan (especially fusion/avant-garde), but this one is one of my favorites. :ok_hand:

Currently listening to, the haunted - made me do it, one of the best modern thrash album that you can listen.


Vroom: I too for the most part avoid jazz fusion/avant-garde, but Bitches Brew was my introduction to that type of music when it was released and left a lasting impression. My jazz choices lean towards Ike Quebec and Tina Brooks (tenor sax players). Your choices always broaden my listening habits…thanks!

Last night listened to:

Man - Maximum Darkness



Uriah Heep - Look At Yourself



Bonfire - Byte the Bullet


Uriah Heep - …Very 'Eavy, Very 'Umble…



Big Joe Turner - Jumpin’ With Joe



Faith No More - The real thing


Arch / Matheos “Sympathetic Resonance”


The name only says everything that needs to be said about this :wink: Fat Larry’s Band - Breaking out
OK most of us got to know the “act like you know” song from the GTA Vice City Game.


George Thorogood and the Destroyers

Self-titled debut album…still love it!



Deep Purple - in rock


Buddy Guy - I Was Walking Through The Woods



Black Sabbath - Dehumanizer


Tangerine Dream - Thief


Still sees a lot of turntable action.