What was the last album you listened to?



I will look for that on youtube, i am sure that somehow it will be there, and should be fun to listen to that :slight_smile:


^The demo is a two CD affair and offers a view of what was originally intended :wink:

For tonight and the hours where I can hardly speak, one of my all time favorites is playing.

[B]Ellen Foley[/B] - [B]Night Out[/B] ([B]1979[/B])


Being the female vocals on Meatloaf - Bat out of hell, the lady has earned her stripes so to speak. When I like to emphasize on this, probably her most known album, it is because of one song which has become my life’s companion, namely “Don’t Let Go”. This very song is one of the few reasons I am still here or I would probably have entered the great void before even getting my other reasons. That is how strong the song is.

I could add to this that this lady is also the reason for the song by The Clash, “Should I Stay or Should I go” which is all about the troubled affair she had with Mick Jones and that her “Another Breath” is considered a ‘The Clash’ unreleased release and that all members of The Clash also appeared on her “The spirit of St. Louis” release.
Indeed tangled, but for whatever it’s worth boys and girls, don’t let go… There’s always more to be experienced good and bad :flower:


Holy shit…as in last lp album I heard was I fuckin forget but the last cd album I heard is now… Humble Pie street rats is my all time fun time with some fun bags and coke since it was released. But now its cd to blow , wanna party?


The Kills: Ash and Ice



[B]Bloodrock - 3[/B]


Texas based rockers were a regular on our turntables and 8-tracks.


[QUOTE=ka6;2782914][B]Bloodrock - 3[/B]


Texas based rockers were a regular on our turntables and 8-tracks.[/QUOTE]

I’m inspired, playing ‘Passages’ right now, thanks :flower:


Xercus, I always enjoyed ‘Passage,’ too. :smiley:

Just spun this last night:

[B]Motorhead[/B] - Iron Fist


Back to basics, I guess…


[QUOTE=ka6;2783023]Xercus, I always enjoyed ‘Passage,’ too. :smiley:

Just spun this last night:

[B]Motorhead[/B] - Iron Fist


Back to basics, I guess…[/QUOTE]

^I like it :bigsmile:

[B]Dream Theater[/B] - When day and dream unite



[QUOTE=ka6;2783023]Xercus, I always enjoyed ‘Passage,’ too. :smiley:

Just spun this last night:
[B]Motorhead[/B] - Iron Fist

Back to basics, I guess…[/QUOTE]

Having a hard time accepting Lemmy without Hawkwind back in the day, I was a late comer to Motorhead. However, when they release their 'No Sleep ‘til Hammersmith’ they won me over and so 'Iron Fist, being it’s successor, was played to pieces as well.
[B]Hawkwind[/B] - [B]Doremi Fasol Latido[/B] ([B]1972[/B])


Yet again with Hawkwind the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. It’s heavier than “In Search of Space”, less jazzy, with an even more intense, driving, rhythm, but like its predecessor, takes you on a sonic trip. Another great, if not even better album. I can just lie back, close my eyes and let these guys take me on a journey.


I’ve said that I would restrain myself from stating the bleeding obvoius as much as possible, but that is easier said than done when it plays.

[B]Iron Maiden[/B] - [B]The Number Of The Beast[/B] ([B]1982[/B])


Like I mentioned way earlier in this thread, they won me over with their first record and I actually was ‘just sixteen in a pickup truck, out of money out of luck’, still nothing compares to this. At the crossroads where for blues, the devil would be the narrator, at the crossroads for Heavy Rock and Heavy Metal, Eddie who by this release has won over the devil (check out the maxi covers to get this ‘fact’) and holds him as a puppet on a string would be the narrator and read you the words… 'Woe to you of earth and sea, for the devil sends the beast with wrath…'
They helped shape the '80s with their triology ‘The Number Of The Beast’, ‘Piece Of Mind’ and ‘Powerslave’ and while, at least for me, we can skip their mediocre 90s output without Bruce Dickinson, their testament to heavy music history is a straight A.

Just my ‘not so’ humble opinion :flower:


Dave Clark 5. Complete History disks 1 and 2.


[B]Savatage[/B] - Edge of thorns



You know, Savatage has a special place in my heart. So does the spin-off Trans-Siberian-Orchestra at Christmas time… That is an utterly cool neo-classical outfit I really enjoy. So does the following…

[B]Lumsk[/B] - [B]Åsmund Frægdegjevar[/B] ([B]2003[/B])


Not so much neo-classical on its own as heavy neo-folk, but it works. I was early to this, I got the demo back in 2001 and thought DANG! It is working magic and I can hardly wait to see how this works out. Sadly, this release was all there was (they have two more mediocre releases though, but this was IT!).
It works in so many ways, it is utterly heavy and it is utterly Norwegian folk and it works, no less! I can’t really think of any other release that works as good in this respect and so I thought, why not present it to you.

The band ‘Lumsk’ consists of highly schooled musicians and the female soprano is among the best from Norway even though she does not showcase her very best on this recording. You may not get the Viking thematic here unless you understand the language, but it should not get in the way of enjoying the music, just like myself who can not understand a word Spanish can enjoy a group from the various countries speaking the language :flower:

EDIT: Ã…smund is a name and the title directly translated would mean Ã…smund the freight-giver. In this respect, the payload would mean a human being. My English understanding, though wide in some respect would not allow me to translate it any further, but of course… We’re taking sea/ocean here and ‘Ormen Lange’ is the famous Olav’s ship (would not know how much you’re into that though :wink: ).


The third album of [B]Annihilator[/B] - Set the world on fire, and the first two LP’s are some of my best thrash/heavy albums.



[B]The Who[/B] - Live At Leeds


I never tire of this one…


[B]Misery Index[/B] - Heirs to thievery


[B]Zephyr [/B]- Hard Chargin’ Woman


From this Bolder, CO. bands first release in '69, the Bathtub album. Tommy Bolin on lead gtr and Candy Givens driving vocals.


Many decades ago, I came across an animated movie which made a lasting impression, Heavy Metal was the name and while I don’t watch the movie too much any more…

[B]Various Artists[/B] - [B]Heavy Metal-Music from the motion picture[/B] ([B]1981[/B])


Sammy Hagar - Heavy Metal (3:50)
Riggs - Heartbeat (4:20)
Devo - Working In The Coal Mine (2:48)
Blue Öyster Cult - Veteran Of The Psychic Wars (4:48)
Cheap Trick - Reach Out (3:35)
Don Felder - Heavy Metal (Takin’ A Ride) (5:00)
Donald Fagen - True Companion (5:02)
Nazareth - Crazy (A Suitable Case For A Treatment) (3:24)
Riggs - Radar Rider (2:40)
Journey - Open Arms (3:20)
Grand Funk Railroad - Queen Bee (3:11)
Cheap Trick - I Must Be Dreamin’ (5:37)
Black Sabbath - The Mob Rules (2:43)
Don Felder - All Of You (4:18)
Trust - Prefabricated (2:59)
Stevie Nicks - Blue Lamp (3:48)

I was 16 at the time of this release and they sure got the participants right for the soundtrack :wink:
The only other thing to note is that Black Sabbath’s Mob Rules is not the same version as found on their album as they were rehearsing it at the time and so this is to be considered a studio outtake :stuck_out_tongue:


Feel like I’ve been AWOL for while. Too many irons in the fire lately. Back to the music…

James Gang - Yer’ Album


Still spin this and love every moment of it.


Rush - 2112

Boston - boston