What was the last album you listened to?



[B]Love Sculpture[/B] - Forms and Feelings


[B]KOTO[/B] - Masterpieces :bow:



Artillery - Penalty By Perception


[QUOTE=BeeR_DoG;2770965]Artillery - Penalty By Perception[/QUOTE]

Hi there BeeR_DoG.
Thanks, cool to see others join in. This is a totally unknown band to me, will listen to them later :flower:

Need to shovel up a few CDs from the crypt, I’m getting restless as the storage server is down for maintenance and I’m getting the A-List radio creeps… :bigsmile:

vroom, ka6, pepst and the rest… Man, I’ll rather die than being cut off from music :flower:


[QUOTE=BeeR_DoG;2770965]Artillery - Penalty By Perception[/QUOTE]

Nice to see that Artillery are still alive, I will listen to that tomorrow :wink:

vroom, ka6, pepst and the rest… Man, I’ll rather die than being cut off from music :flower:[/QUOTE]

^I agree.

Currently listening to this masterpiece :cool: and if all goes well i should have enough time to also listen to this.

Deaf dumb blind.
Use your brain.


vroom, ka6, pepst and the rest… Man, I’ll rather die than being cut off from music :flower:[/QUOTE]

How true it is!

I see everyone is on a roll today. Happy Easter, all!

[B]LeRoi Brothers[/B] - Check This Action

Some great Austin, Texas, rock/rockabilly/American music/whatever you’d like to call it


^ Good music folks - and uh, happy easter (apart from thinking Jesus, the person is cool, I am not too much into these things) :slight_smile:

Now then, life’s like a box of chocolates, you never know what you will get… Same happens when I shovel up a box of 100 CDs into the apartement…
Allow me to take you on a journey to the beginning of hard rock, sometimes even called proto-metal. We have to venture through quite some years, all the way back to the late sixties and early seventies to find them even though there are bands that still performs in styles like stoner rock and proto-metal even today.

[B]Dust[/B] - [B]Dust[/B] (1971)


Probably the strongest of the two releases they managed to release before disappearing from the music scene.

I notice one more recording in this genre in this box, and so I’ll present that later tonight.


Everybody wants THE [B]STRUTS[/B]

what a great album from a new band. Brilliant stuff, well worth a listen.


Tom Waits assorted transferred from vinyl to .flac.

"The Piano has been drinking, not me"



[QUOTE=jeffreyp;2770983]Tom Waits assorted transferred from vinyl to .flac.

"The Piano has been drinking, not me"


Love his 70’s and early 80s recordings :slight_smile:

[I]Later tonight or earlier today, whichever comes first… or should that be last?[/I] :wink:

I do notice that many seem to not evaluate the music they hear but rather have a love it/hate it relationship to the music they listen to.
In other words, they tend to be surprised when I tell them that Heavy Rock and Heavy Metal are two completely different genres and at the foundation not even related.
For anyone else not sure what I am talking about, Heavy Rock is built on the foundation of Rock/Blues/Psychedelia ++ while Heavy Metal has its foundation in Classical music. The two forms have been mixed frequently and so it may be hard in some cases to hear where some recordings are anchored.

Not so with the following release:

[B]Joseph[/B] - [B]Stoned Age Man[/B] (1970)


With exactly one release, ‘Joseph’ was a short lived artist in terms of recordings. Joseph Longeria (aka Joey Long for other recordings) is a great blues guitarist from Texas, but on this 1969 recording released in 1970, we get a good glimpse into what kicked off Hard Rock.

Now you can probably better understand why I say ‘sometimes even called Proto-Metal’, even though you will find true Proto-Metal a few years into the seventies, the term is used in a confusing way.


Surely, there will at least be some disagreeing with me in ‘dragging in’ Psychedelia into the equation to define Heavy Rock, but that is expected.
Let us dwell a little around 1970 and I will try to explain it. Old sixties Psychedelia is only a distant relative of the more avant garde Psychedelia of today… hmm rather than me explaining, how about some music to explain it :slight_smile:

[B]FAT[/B] - [B]FAT[/B] (1970)

As is only too typical, there’s no complete YouTube album when you need it, but I did manage to puzzle together all but one track from various
01 - [B]House On The Corner[/B] 3:03
02 - [B]Black Sunday[/B] 3:17
03 - [B]Mine Eyes Have Seen[/B] 4:08
04 - [B]Lonely Lady[/B] 4:43
05 - [B]Journey[/B] 5:00
06 - [B]Shape I’m In[/B] 2:31
07 - [B]Country Girl[/B] 5:44
08 - [B]Over The Hill[/B] 3:12
09 - [B]Duck Sweat[/B] 4:03
10 - [B]Highway[/B] 6:02

Great 1970 heavy psych rock more so than Psychedelia album, but a few tracks touches well into Psychedelia, like the ‘House on the Corner’ track. At this early stage, the music scene was all over the place, some bands had already developed into Heavy Rock acts while others were on their way so to speak.
The band toured with the Allman Brothers and made three albums between 1970 and 1978. This is the band’s first and best album and features great gravelly vocals and intelligent lyrics that sit well alongside the twin lead guitar assault of the band’s two guitarists.

I do meet many that immediately say they don’t like Psychedelia, but fact is they do if I play the more commercial albums :smiley:


I am sure that this doesn’t need any introduction, so…



^Hardly any necessary :bigsmile:

Where was I? Oh yes, Psychedelia and Hard Rock - allow me to annoy you some more :flower:

[B]Iron Butterfly[/B] – [B]In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida[/B] (1968)


As the story goes, the song’s title was originally “In the Garden of Eden”, but at one point in the course of rehearsing and recording, singer Doug Ingle got drunk and slurred the words. one of the other members transcribed what he heard and thought it was really cool, thus creating the mondegreen that stuck as the title.
In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida is considered significant in rock history because, together with music by Blue Cheer, Jimi Hendrix and Steppenwolf, it marks the time period when psychedelic music began to form Heavy Rock.

If you can’t be arsed to listen to the complete album, here’s only the seventeen minute song :slight_smile:



^I think that I have this on CD, time to find it and listen to some excellent music.


[QUOTE=vroom;2771070]I am sure that this doesn’t need any introduction, so… [/QUOTE]

That pick had me listening to both ‘Chariots of Fire’ and ‘Bladerunner’ which is still playing - Good one :slight_smile:


Fast forward to the early '80s and Heavy Rock had lost its throne to Heavy Metal in various incarnations, some more Heavy Rock than Metal.
The, albeit simplified, relative to classical music, Heavy Metal is most pure with the guitar shredders, but there were a few groups with lesser Heavy Rock references than others:

[B]Manowar[/B] - [B]Battle Hymns[/B] (1982)


Much can be said about Manowar, but they do serve a good purpose for defining Heavy Metal.
For anyone wanting to look further into this, I can add that the anchestor to Heavy Metal must be considered Richard Wagner (1813-1883) where especially his later ‘music dramas’ is of interest.

The seventies Heavy Rock will get its revenge in about a decade when together with Grunge, Black Metal and Trash Metal finally kills the, by then stranded, late '80s Hair Metal or Metal-Pop as I like to name it.

Not that heavy rock ever got away, it just became a reference inside Heavy Metal, but sometimes it was actually the other way around :slight_smile:


I have stumbled across a group called Lucius. A little outside the norm in a good way, IMO. I have been streaming them on Youtube while I work.

Hmmm… couldn’t get the video to embed so here is a link for those interested:


[QUOTE=UTR;2771249]I have stumbled across a group called Lucius. A little outside the norm in a good way, IMO. I have been streaming them on Youtube while I work.
Hmmm… couldn’t get the video to embed so here is a link for those interested:

Thank you UTR, I love new impulses, especially when they are a little side-tracked to the music highway :slight_smile:

Now then, Saturday evening in my timezone and so I probably should have presented some party music, but since I was listening to it…
A friend of mine came home from a trip to Israel back in 2007 and knowing my passion for music, brought me a gift in the form of a CD EP ‘Asaf Avidan - Now that you’re leaving’ a new artist in Israel at the time.
Now that artist had a quite distinctive voice and so I tried to search the net from time to time, but could not locate anything apart from the EP until sometime in 2008 when I found ‘The Reckoning’ which continued to impress, very much so if I may add. Here’s the latest release from the artist…

[B]Asaf Avidan[/B] - [B]Gold Shadow[/B] (2015)

On this recording, he draws heavily on retro music, all the way back to the 1940s and I find it very interesting. The songs are in various genres, but this time leaning more towards a slower more expressive side.
I did not find the album, but he got a Youtube page of his own so why not, apart from his [B]homepage[/B], check out the [B]offical Youtube channel[/B] and check out his [B]bandcamp page[/B] as well to get access to most if not all of his output :slight_smile:


Sunday again, and so why not go all the way to the far side of slow atmospheric music?
Belgian producer Dirk Serries, aka Vidna Obmana, is a prolific composer of deep ambient and electro-acoustic music, utilizing slow, shifting electronic figures and sparse environmental recordings to construct long, minimalist textural works.

One of the recordings I put on while entering horizontal stability for the night and I am not sure if I have heard the ending more than just a few times :slight_smile:

[B]Vidna Obmana[/B] - [B]the River of Appearance[/B] (1996)


This 1996 release is a surprising return to textural composition where, after collaborations with a.o. Steve Roach, he reveals a more restless side of himself, combining mood with movement in a far more obvious musical way.

‘vidna obmana’ is Yugoslavian for ‘optical illusion’.


It’s back to the basics and blues for me!

[B]Slim Harpo[/B] -The Best Of Slim Harpo