What was the best Lite-On?

I recently bought a LTR-40125S and returned it because it produced too many errors for my liking. While it may have been good at data, it’s audio capabilities sucked. Too many C1/C2 errors and it wasn’t a good reader.

I’m willing to get an older (or perhaps the newest 52x) Lite-On used if there was ever a better one. Speed is not important. I just simply want it to copy all games and write good music CD’s at any speed it can do. Having decent error control is a plus too.

Which is/was the best Lite-On ever made?


My 40125 (as 40125 or 48125) has always written good data and audio (no c2 errors on decent media). I’d guess you had bad media or a defective drive.

If you’re in the USA, watch in case Best Buy has another sale on the Buslink 48x12x48 drives for $19.99 after rebate - most of them recently are actually 48246s out of the box, and upgradeable to 52246s.