What was that?



anybody any ideea ?
the media is eperformance dvdrw 4 x prodisc w02
nero ver 6.6.00


I think that Nero added some filler to your data since it was less than 1GB, to improve compatibility with some dvd players… there’s an option somewhere that activates that.
I agree that the message is a little weird, maybe a funny translation from German??


There is an information block on commercial DVD. This block can be written with information on DVD+R and -R.

For best compatibility with set top players, a fake DVD-ROM information block is written to the disc in your example photo above.

Since some set-top players skip, do not read, or are unable to read this block, a fake information block is used to “waste” this space and better fool the set-top players into believing that a dvd-ROM disc is in use.