What virtual CD software will help here

Hello I’m new here and searched the forums for an answer to a question I have but came up short. I recently picked up a program that is in vc4 and vc6 file types. I extracted the files with isobuster and ran the instalation of the program. Now the program is installed but with this typical program I need the disk to run when I start the program. Now my question is since all these files were included in the folder is there a way to put the necessary info from these files onto a disk or vitual drive so when i run the program it will recognize that the cd is loaded and the program will work. Any help at all would be awsome been working on this for awhile.

Download Daemon Tools (search in google) and if the files are in an image format, mount them with Daemon tools. (virtual drives). If not, make the files into an image file and mount it

Created iso made bootable cd still no luck any suggestions

Could you tell me what the program is?