What version of WMP Is needed to work with Nero, InCD, DirectCD and EasyCD?



I have WMP version on Win 2000 SP 4.
Version on Win 98.

I do not even see 6.4 available for Win 2000 at the MSFT download page for

What version of WMP should I be running in Win 98 and in Win 2000?
How do I avoid conflict with Nero, InCD, DirectCD and EasyCD?


unless u’re having some type of conflict already, WMP shouldn’t conflict with any of them. however, don’t install InCD and DirectCD at the same time.


Ooops, let me clarify my question.

What version of WMP should I be running in Win 98 and in Win 2000 to avoid conflict with Nero/InCD or DirectCD/EasyCD, only one pair of which would be on the system?

I asked because I found the following in the InCD files:

“InCD is not compatible with the ‘Adaptec CD-Burning Plug-in’ which is installed as part of Windows Media Player 7.x. Please uninstall the plug-in using ‘Add/Remove Programs’ from the Control Panel.”


I use XP with WMP9 and no problems.


Alex T.:

Do you mean you are using XP, WMP 9.0 (final or beta) and some version of InCD (3.x or 4.x)? If yes, please specify the details, since this would be of interest to other users.

In particular, the MS information in


implies that Roxio CD Burning is not available under XP for the latest release of WMP, and hence conflicts with InCD shouldn’t arise, but it’s better to check this carefully.

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