What version of Safedisc does Fifa use?

Which Safedisc does Fifa use? I still cant get the second disc to copy…any help?:confused:

At http://www.cdfreaks.com/document.php3?Doc=52&Page=2 if you scroll down there is some information on BetaBlocker…anyone tried that? does it work?

Good to see you’ve used the search…but the article you’ve linked is very obsolete, and is (as we know now, more than one year later) just wrong, concerning the whole “regular pattern”-stuff. You don’t even need really regular patterns to form weak sectors.

And the regular pattern given it that article “XYXYXY…” is not weak at all.

Indeed, SafeDisc 2 was the protection which took the longest time of all to be understood.

What writer do you use? With some “no- or one-sheep-writers”, it’s impossible to backup SafeDisc 2.51.021 or newer, while a few 2-sheep writers make coasters if AWS is enabled.

You’ll also have to tell us which Fifa you mean. There are more than one :slight_smile:

Edit: alexnoe beat me to it :wink:

Oops…sorry, I meant Fifa 2003. My CD-RW is Sony CRX700E. Is there any way of making a working backup of the second disc?

take your pick :bigsmile:

FIFA 2000 Safedisc
FIFA 2001 Safedisc
FIFA 2002 Safedisc 2.40.010
FIFA 2002 World Cup Safedisc 2
FIFA 2003 Safedisc 2.8

Yeah I feel ya om33…I’ve been trying to backup fifa2003 for the past few days now using all the various methods described…discdump/fb, discjuggler, blindread/write, cc, cdmate…

i think i also read that lt163d cannot extract the code regardless…so i’m basically screwed and i’m gonna return this game tomorrow…i dint really like it anyway…

Portmac, 2002 Fifa World Cup is Safedisc 2.51 to be exact. I know because I have them all, except Fifa 2000.

Buuuuut is there ANY way at all of making a working copy of the second disc of Fifa 2003 on my Sony CRX700E? Sum1 help please! How can i get past Safedisc 2.8!?

Oh i forgot to mention…click here http://www.blindwrite.com/ and you will see, and I quote:

“Blindwrite Suite 4.2.2 is available. No matters what they say, Blindwrite is the only 1:1 copy software to support latest protection (Securom 4.8, Safedisc 2.8), without cd emulator required.”


You see the problem for me is in reading the game into an image. Neither my lt163d or my liteon 12321S burner works for reading the game…

Originally posted by Keyoog
You see the problem for me is in reading the game into an image. Neither my lt163d or my liteon 12321S burner works for reading the game…
…which shouldn’t be the case; try the FAQ and Down & Dirty Posts for tips

Mine reads fine…and appears to write fine too but when I try to use it to play the game is says insert CD. Also, I uninstalled the orginal and used the backups to re-install. The first CD worked fine, the second CD installed at Snail’s pace and looked like it was gonna take about a day to install…(literally). I haven’t got a CD-Writer that can copy CD’s perfectly even if they have Safedisk (I have Sony CRX700E)…Is it possible to edit the files that are copied when copying a CD using CloneCD? Maybe I could add a no-CD crack or something - would that make a working backup copy?

Thanks CCDKing