What version of hdmi cable is this?

I got a Belkin hdtv cable kit on clearance at office depot today (plus used an office max coupon to make it cheaper). So is there anyway to tell what version the hdmi cable is short of trying to contact belkin? I have searched and cannot find much info on the kit or the cable. The cable looks like identical to this and is labeled the same

This is the kit (I cannot find anyone selling it that lists specs, and the package doesn’t either).

From the marketting BS, no.
If you can run full-hd + 8 channels of uncompressed audio, without problems, it’s 1.3 compliant.

I took a shot at this, too. Nothing. Your best bet would be to go to their Technical Support page and send them an email. Somebody there has got to know.

I’ll probably send them and email but I’m keeping the cables either way. The kit rang 50$ but the store manager showed me where a few were hidden marked down to 25$ (I’m guessing they are offering them with tv purchase as that is where they were hidden). I also had a 10$ off 20$ office max coupon so it was 15$ for a 12’ hdmi cable, dvi to hdmi adapter, 6’ and 12’ component cables, 6 and 12’ audio rca cables, 6’ digital coax cable, 6 ’ digital optical cable, and some velcro cable ties.

I was thinking about posting it in the bargain basement. If you need the cables or like to have spares, it comes to about 6$ ea for the cables and adapters. I’m getting a 1080p tv soon (maybe today) so I’ll see how it works.