What version of firmware does the 3500 OEM drive come with?

just ordered one from newegg

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Both mine came with 2.16… :wink:

I got mine from NEWEGG and it came with 2.16.

I’m sure you’ll try one of the modified ones eventually. :bigsmile:

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got mine 2 days ago with fw 2.18 installed

I think there is a good chance for it to come with the 2.18. NEC should be shipping with this one now. Eitherway, either 2.16 or 2.18, no other.

Can I flash my drive bought in Canada to the official 2.18 firmware which is not listed on the Canadian website ?? The latest one they have on the Canadian website is 2.17 …

Yes not only flashed with 2.18 but you can pick any modded f/e for NEC 2300. AS for 2.18 not being available in Canadian site of NEC, just because 2.18 is European version and is available in NEC Europe and 2.17is for North American version which is listed in NEC AM site.

mine comes with 2.17

Are you sure ?? I’ve heard that it wont flash the firmware unless you have 2.16 …

Answer to original poster’s question: Depends on when the drive was manufacturered. (why does it matter? if it’s old, you can just upgrade it)

Why does it matter “why it matters”, maybe he’s just curious :eek: as i was last week when i orderd mine from newegg :iagree: Which was mfg in oct 04 and came with 2.16 .