What util for Quality checking ( as PIE/PIF isnt working )

Hi !
I am owner of a NEC ND-6500A Laptop Burner…
I would love to recheck the Quality of different DVD Media and to check the burning results of important Disks ( Backups and the like ).
I learned that the good tools for PIE/PIF checking, like Nero and KProbe only work on some drives ( Liteon based ?! ).

Which utility do you recomment for NEC drives ?
Right now i simply do a NERO CD/DVD Speed run, and i look for a steady speed ramp without spikes, is this the best i can do, or is there a more sophisticated tool for us NEC users ?!



No NEC drives as of yet allow for PI/PIF error checking, however, the NEC 3500 will soon have a firmware that will be able to do so; the 6500 may in future allow for that as well…

Hi !
I do understand that,
my Question is: what tools / measures do you guys recommend to do a “crappy” Quality test, provided that the “good” ones are not supported ?


My bad… yeah, the Transfer rate test in Nero DVD Speed is as good as you’ll be able to do currently :frowning: