What uses less processing power?

im trying to learn maya thru dvd tutorials… my question is this, which will use less processing power? Running Maya and watching the dvds thru the ROM or running Maya and watching the dvd movies from the hard drive? I’ve noticed that when i pause and resume movies from the dvd drive there is a delay and sometimes crash when it tries to resume. so what do you think? thanks in advance!

Neither should be taking major processing power unless it is an old slow processor. Playing from the hard drive overall should be smother though, not because of the processing power, but rather because it can read much faster, and doesn’t really have to deal with scratches, read problems etc. you hard drive can seek through the movie much faster too. those are only a few of the reasons that more and more people are using htpc’s.


btw, thanks for the help

Home Theater personal computer. Basically You use a computer to replace dvd player, pvr, vcr, and whatever. You load all your video, music on the hard drives and basically have anything you want to watch or hear ready and on demand. with the right parts, you can tune tv channels and or record tv and operate it all from a remote control. You can get about 100 dvd movies on a 500 gig drive (there is a 500 gig segate in the bargain basement for 100$ so they are not really that expensive anymore). If you compress the movies and get the main movie only, you might get twice that. If you convert your dvd’s to mpeg 4 or something similar, you could get 500 movies on that same hard drive, ready to watch at any time, no more searching for disks or play problems from scratched disks. Of course you want to keep your original movies or burned backup copies of tv shows packed away safe, just in case a hard drive fails (not really high risk, but it sucks when it happens). The only hard part is the remote. If you have a windows media center edition computer, you are already setup for it (it should have came with a remote), but if you build your own, its either a bit harder or more expensive to get remote capability depending on how you set it up.
There is more and more software available for htpc’s coming out too. Nero 7 now included a front end for an htpc (nero home) though its suported remote harware list still kind of sucks (so you might need other software to work a remote).

For more info, just google htpc, or htpc forum.

Building your own is a snap now that all of the TV tuner cards come with a remote. You can use them to capture HD cable, Antennae TV, or Satellite, or like me, all three. There is also remotes to turn the PC on and off.

You are right about many having remotes (2 of mine do), though that may only control the capture card (changing channels, recording etc). I dont think that they can control other software (like nero or windows media player or whatever you use), but my cards are older so maybe that has changed. i know nero home supports some capture card remotes so maybe its a matter of checking out compatibility first. personally, I want a remote that can control any software on my computer as well as other equipment, and with what I have found so far at least, its quite doable, but costs more and or requires more advanced skills to setup. Out side of the remote they are quite easy to setup, and with some configurations, the remote is simple too.

Perhaps the user should be asking: What wastes less CPU time …
Because optical drives are usually a lower UDMA speed than HD’s (aka UDMA33/66 vs UDMA100/133) the CPU must pause for longer while the data is dumped straight to ram, so technically yes, optical drives do chew up (waste) more CPU cycles.
Of course we can get into a technical discussion involving small programs fitting into CPU cache, which means the CPU doesn’t need to access ram anyway & etc, etc … but I’m sure we don’t want to go there.

A more appropriate question is:
What wastes more of the OP’s (or any users) time … playing from an optical disc, or HD :wink:
In which case, it is the optical disc.

With a little work (scripting) Hauppauge remotes can control other programs.

I have a serial ir receiver that came with a pinnacle pctv pro card that I am trying to get to work. I know it can be done but I just haven’t got the settings right for it to work. If I can get it working, I’ll use it with girder and a harmony remote which should let me control anything I could possibly want.