What Usenet server do you use?



Best usenet download server? I’m currently using easynews usenet server and have done for many years now. In your opinion are there any others out there that you use that are any better than the usenet server I currently use?

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www.newshosting.com $15 for unlimited download for a month been using it for 2 years now…and its been awesome…their customer service is very good as well


What sort of download speeds you usually get from www.newshosting.com


i got an 8mbit line and i get full speed 24/7 other people with faster lines max out as well


I think the best usenet search server is Giganews. I was using usenet by Ziggo (local Dutch cable company), but retention was too low. Now I switched to Giganews, which have the best retention. If you are looking for free usenet, try your cable company, else use Giganews :flower:


Using Supernews which has been bought out by Giganews. The old guys were great and the service was mostly very good speed and retention wise.
The new one seems about the same except they only seem to want to sell pay by month accounts. I had a small 15 gig a month yearly account I was paying around 100 a year for. Luckily they allowed Supernews original customers to be grandfathered in to their old accounts as I don’t need some uber geek huge gigs a month account for a lot of extra cash and don’t really want yet another monthly bill for a smaller one either.
Anyways the service has been good so far since the changeover and I didn’t have to change any setting to make it work.


Nice to see them let you keep the 15GB account for that annual price. :iagree:

I’ve been using Giganews for just over 3 years now and so far never had an issue. The only drawback which some will find annoying is that they do automatic monthly renewals, but as far as I can tell, there’s no minimum contract.

At this time of writing, the following are their package rates:

[li]Jade - 3GB - $2.99 (30-day binary limit)[/li][li]Pearl - 5GB - $4.99 (30-day binary limit)[/li][li]Bronze - 10GB - $7.99[/li][li]Silver - 35GB - $12.99[/li][li]Platinum - Unlimited - $24.99[/li][li]Diamond - " + VyperVPN - $29.99 (includes SSL)[/li][li]SSL & more connections - $5 add-on[/li][/ul]

One thing I do find useful is their ability to renew straight away when your usage has expired. For example, there’s a big jump between the 35GB $13 package and the Unlimited $25 package, but if you expect to stay within the 35GB limit most of the time, but need to download more than that occasionally, you can renew when the transfer allowance runs out. The next monthly cycle will in-turn be this renewal date next month.

For searching, I use Newsrover (also a client) and binsearch.info. Newsrover costs $30, which includes a year of search and then it’s $20 anually after that. Binsearch.info is a free Usenet search service if you don’t mind dealing with NZB files and loading them into a Usenet client (a bit like BitTorrent.)


The one of my ISP. This may sound entirely strange, but my isp has a huge usenet server, with all binary channels. A pretty popular one around here is Eweka, 553 days retention time.


Giganews sounds pretty nice. I started using usenet provided by my ISP, but then switched to Eweka: high retention, unlimited downloads at full speed, and SSL for free. Next to that, I use FTD to spot posts and binsearch to find NZBs. :cool:

What I also like about Eweka is the fact that you pay per month (no contract) and you are allowed to share your account with multiple users :slight_smile: