What useful life expectancy optical media?


to 4), its more important IMHO where they are kept, in case of humidity and temps.

  1. Does the expected durability of the data be intact in mdisc dvd is counted from the manufacture of the disk or is counted from the burning of the disk? if the disc was manufactured in 2010 and burned in 2011 the expectation of the disc begins from 2010 or 2011?
  2. What person or contact is most appropriate to clarify doubts about mdisc and useful life?
  3. MDisc does not use AZO, AZO is organic and mdisc uses inorganic dye


friends I know that in my storage conditions I can not always keep stable temperature and humidity and currently I store the dvd / mdisc dvd inside black case of dvd and these cases I store inside enclosed cardboard box, you have any more storage tips for me to improve and lower the temperature and humidity in the disks, vacuum or other solution?


Decent quality optical media don’t need laboratory controlled conditions to be stored in. They will store well in most environments and last without problem at least 10 years - just avoid exposing them on direct sun/UV light.

You are focused on finding the ultimate media that you will record once and forget about it for the next 50-100 years, from a manufacturer that will guarantee you that you will be able to retrieve your data after xxx years when you need it. Unfortunately no such media exist. Focus on what optical media is brilliant at: you can predict when it will fail before it fails. In other words learn how to scan media and interpret the results and determine when it is time to migrate your data.


MDISC DVD Verbatim is decent quality media or not? I think it is made in Taiwan by Ritek

DVD box case black protects from any light?