What Ultra DMA Mode Should NEC 3550 Run

What Ultra DMA Mode should my NEC 3550 be running. Currenly they are running in Ultra DMA Mode 1 and my hard drive is running in Ultra DMA Mode 5. These differences in these modes are pretty large. Being that mode 1 transfers at 16.7 MB/s max and mode 5 transfers at 100 MB/s. Can anyone help me, at least let me know what you are running at?

It should be running in UDMA mode 2.
You may need an 80 conductor IDE cable, MS default IDE drivers to get this working correctly.

Well I tried swapping the IDE cables. But i got the same results. The NEC 3500 and NEC 3550 both run in Ultra DMA mode 1 and the Hard drives are running at Ultra DMA Mode 4 (I may have said 5 before but it is 4). So i don’t think it is the cables. I have your 1.6y firmware on the 3550 btw. The 3500 has stock firmware on it, i don’t know what to choose from all the modified 3500 fw, way too many choices.

How old is your system as if your HDD is only mode 4 it could be because the motherboard doesn’t support ATA 100 mode & hence it might not support opticals properly?

Well this system is running on a PC Chips M811 Board. I am not sure what its optical drive support is, but I cannot seem to get it any higher than Mode 1. Should my hdd be running in mode 5, it is only mode 4 currently. Anyways I am not sure if i can speed up my NEC Drive or not. Would be nice if i could. Thanks

Found this link which I think explains your problem & a potential solution.

Basically it’s a crappy board that can be helped by a BIOS flash.