What type of Nero is required to use NeroLinux?


I have a DVD recorder with Nero 6 OEM version (Nero Express, INCD4, Nero Vision Express, Nero BackItUp, Nero Mpgeg2 svcd dvd plug-in). Does this type of Nero (OEM) allow me to use NeroLinux? I heard somewhere that only a full version of Nero serial number is ok for Nerolinux…

The second thing is that Nerolinux for FC2 installed from rpm for FC2 gives me a demo option; however once I want to use it, it says the demo period is expired. I add that this is just after first installation on my PC. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

For the first question, if your OEM package does not include NeroLINUX, then your serial number will not work. You can buy a stand alone serial number for NeroLINUX on www.nero.com.

For the demo period that is normal. The demo period for NeroLINUX is not limited by a specific time after installation but by a fixed date. You can update to that expires on August 31th.


Thanks for your explanation.