What type of media is sold as HP 4X DVD+R?

Can anyone tell me the actual manufacturer and type of disc that is sold and branded currently (July, '04) as “HP 4X DVD+R media”?


I have had HP 4x DVD+R as:

CMC MAG.F01 and MCC…002

Btw: So far I have only had MCC 0038 as media code for the “new” HP 8x DVD+R

the ones ive seen in 50 spindles at microcenter for 29.99 are cmc mag F01.00 they are good disks though dont let the cmc name fool you. :wink:

Yes, I have had those F01’s as well and while they will only burn at 4X they provide excellent results!

Thanks for the info. It’s always nice to at least know the “possibilities” as to what actual media I will end up with “before” I spend my $$$ on it. :slight_smile:

So far perhaps…But I’m afraid CMC has something to say on the matter:http://www.cmcdisc.com/hp_dvdr.htm

Ok, instead of “chancing it” on rather or not I will get “quality” discs or not, I have found a great deal on the DVD+R’s that work PERFECTLY with my 832s & I’m going to buy a whole bunch of them as they are only $28 for a fifty pack spindle!

The discs are from New Egg and are branded as Ridata but the actual manufacturer and disc type is my favorite by far: Ricoh JP-1.

The last time I picked up a pack of DVD+R’s looking for these discs I ended up with CMC & Ritek instead, so this is great too find a bunch of Ricoh’s at New Egg, and for so little $$$ as a bonus!

Spread the word! :slight_smile:

The F01’s burn flawlessly at 8x with the right burner and FW. :iagree:
CMC is the most under-rated DVD media around, mostly because some burners do not have proper FW for burning it. Whether CMC proves to be reliable over time remains to be seen.

I get results that are near perfect with the CMC DVD+R F01’s, right on par with the Ricoh JP-1’s but that’s with burning the F01’s at 4X, not 8X like the Ricoh’s.

By forcing an 8X burn with the 812s@832s using VSOA the error rates on the F01’s were way up there so I just stick to 4X and they do work great, just a little on the slow side compared to the 8X burns which is why I’d rather the Ricoh’s when purchasing Fuji or Memorex spindles “blindly” (not knowing what type of disc’s will be in the spindle until you load it up @ home).

I agree with you in that the CMC is given too “hard of a time” being bashed quite often when all of the CMC’s I have tried at their rated speed work very well (all CMC’s that I have tried are the F01’s, Memorex branded).

CMC R01(2.4x verbatim branded) is the only media that matches burning quality of my TY(4x samsung branded) at 4x burning.
R01@8x result isn’t so impressive while TY is still great. But Considering at what speed they are rated, I don’t think it’s something to complain.

Yep, I haven’t used so many media, so it’s a little bit unfair to… someone like MCC. But CMC is clearly under-rated at least for 2500A users. I always feel bad to see digitalfaq.com list CMC at the last place of the quality order. http://www.digitalfaq.com/media/dvdmedia.htm

I am a newbie and I got a bunch of HP DVD+R 4x ( code CMC F01 ), I got a HP burner DVD420I ( which OEM of NEC 2500A ) with firmware 1.26 from HP. Is this a good media for this burner buring those CMC disc @4x?

Thanks for all your input.

it should be good…that writer works well with most media. just get the latest firmware. :wink:

firmaware 1.28 from HP is good ? I heard sometimes upgrading the firmware make it worse.

beviet: Even though CMC doesn’t exactly have the greatest reputation around here, those F01’s do burn very well with Lite On’s that I have used them with (811s, 832s) =pretty much perfect scans afterward and minimal errors.

The only reason I prefer to buy the Memorex or Fuji spindles with the Ricoh disc’s is because they (jp-1) will burn just as well as the CMC F01’s but the Ricoh’s burn at 8X instead of only 4X.

Besides the fact that the Ricoh’s can burn twice as fast as the CMC F01’s they both work very well.

A friend of mine has a NEC 2500 & he has used both the Ricoh jp-1’s and CMC F01’s with great success as well, so you should not have any problems burning your new disc’s!

Ive heard that happens sometimes but generally ive never seen it much. usually newer firmware updates add new media codes not update existing ones. try with your existing fw and if its not that good upgrade. :wink: