What type of DVDs do I need for my burner?



I know this sounds like a dumb question, but I’m very new to this stuff, so bear with me, please.

My laptop came with a DVD burner, which I’ve never used before since I don’t really know how. Now, I’d like to use it to make copies of my DVDs, but I’m not sure what type of DVD is compatible with my burner. I found some blank Sony+R DVDs laying around, but have a feeling they aren’t compatible. All this +/-, R/RW, ROM/RAM stuff is Greek to me, so I was wondering if I paste specs from my user manual about my burner, could someone please tell me what type of blank DVD I need to buy for burning? Also, I would appreciate any brand recs or other useful info. Thank y’all so much!!!

Here is my burner info:


DVD-SuperMulti Drive: Enhanced IDE (ATAPI) Interface;
Maximum speed: CD-ROM (24x read), CD-R(24x read/16x
write), CD-RW(12x read/4x write), DVD-ROM(8x read), DVD-R
(4x read/4x write), DVD-RW (4x read/2x write), DVD+R (4x
read/2.4x write), DVD+RW (4x read/2.4x write), DVD-RAM (2x
read/2x write); Service removable


check here under dvd burners for compatibility www.videohelp.com


from the specs you listed about the dvd burner i would be using dvd-r for faster read and write times. buy a good brand like verbatim or tdk dvd-r. if you want to erase and redo a burn then go for some dvd-rw also. but you might as well use up those sony dvds you have first


I personally have beter luck with +R discs these are what I use: http://meritline.com/ritek-8x-dvd-p...edia-discs.html they are 8X but they will work great in your burner they will only burn at the speed the burner will let them.

I f you wan to use -R you can get these they are what I used when I was using -R:http://www.meritline.com/ritek-ridata-branded-8x-dvdr-dvd-r-media-blank-discs.html

A little something I firmly believe in is next I have backedup over 200 movies without a problem that wasn’t my fault using this formula.

This is from a previous post but it fits here too.What you use for blank media makes all the difference in the world when burning movies. Most of the “name brand” discs are crap for movies and Memorex is the absolute worse, I won’t use them if someone gives them to me. You may get a good batch of “cheap disc” but you never know. If you stick witht he good stuff from a reputable dealer you always know what you are getting.

I almost always use Ritek Ridata “branded” 8x +R. I have burned over 200 movies and never had a coaster that wasn’t my fault. A slower burn is better when doing DVD’s I usually burn at 2.4X sometimes at 4X but never faster than that. Ritek Ridata “branded” 8x +R are top of the line discs for movies and they are cheaper than most I get them through meritline.com a very good and reliable company with an outstanding return policy.

Another choice that you can get at Best Buy if you don’t like to shop over the web is Verbatim “datalife” (they look like old movie reels on the top of the disc), Not all of the verbatim are the same either, these are the only other ones I use.

You can also use TY’s but the ones that are good enough for movies are expensive


Sorry Michigan but I have to strongly dissagree with you. And I’m surprised that some of the other fellow freaks haven’t done so yet. But the reaon your only able to get good burns at 4X is because of the media your using. Not to say Ritek is junk but it’s far from the best. If you want the best you did say what was and thats TY but you claim that it’s expensive. Wrong again my friend. Go to www.rima.com or www.supermediastore.com and you’ll find them for a very god price. Hell even www.newegg.com sometimes has them cheap. Pending what drive you have, we who have NEC or BenQ’s (which I have at home in my desktop) can take 8X TY’s and get GREAT burns at 16X on std. F/W. This can be seen for proof on either the NEC or BenQ forums if you care to take a look. Also Verbatim for retail media runs a close second to TY. Also for retail, watch for sales at Best Buy on Fuji 8X that’s made in Japan. This is also TY media but we have seen some inconsistancies in the Fuji as of late but for the money, it’s worth the buy. And finally in regards to Memorex, I wouldn’t hesitate on buying it now AS LONG as it’s made in India. This is Moser Baer media which is damn good. They seem to be learning a lesson and finally coming out with some quality media in this. So there are some decent medias out there in the retail market whcih I have tested and posted in the BenQ Speed thread and many of Dee and Liggy’s NEC 3500 F/W threads. So give them a look. Every type of media that you can imagine is there to see from a bunch of us who were crazy enough to sit back and test media left and right. As for your Ritek, I won’t buy it cuz it won’t do a 16X burn on either my NEC or BenQ. Why should I spend the same money on that when I can get TY’s for the same price and burn at 16X. Check it out and I’m sure you’ll end up agreeing with me and a bunch more of us out here.

Happy Burnin
Hey ripit… I think I just did a you:bigsmile:


Ritek has 16X discs out now.
I don’t burn any faster than 4X because it does indeed cause errors, not always but it happens and the time difference between 4X and 8X or 16X are not enough to make a difference to me.
I have been making DVD backups for a couple of years with way over 200 backups (that’s the last time I counted and it was months ago).
I have tried and used TY discs and like I said they are great discs, they are actualy the best, but their premium discs are more expensive. I have never had a problem with Ridata discs and there is consistancy in the discs. They are always the same.

Memorex may be getting better but that won’t last for long probably. Memorex bids out the making of their disc to the lowest bidder (not ususally a good thing) and in the past they have been made primarily by CMC an in my opinion they make the absolute worst discs.


Yo michigan-

Ritek used to make really good - reasonable medias - I have burned several hundred of the 8x -R G05 - BUT the latest reports from our fellow CD Freaks (of which there are now over 120,000) indicates that the Ritek quality is on the decline and that the quality is now a crapshoot from batch to batch-

We can not now recommend their media - unless they prove to us that their quality has returned to the past levels - that is why you see so many recommendations for Taiyo Yuden 8x and 16x DVD medias and their CD-R media-



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Any dvd media will burn with any burner. Burner sets speed to burn if you donot have that option.X dependending on brand and burner will burn from 2.5X to 20X. As far as dvd rom, that is the speeds it will read at. Ram is amount of memory. If you burned CDs you can burn dvds