What type of dvd do i buy?

I have a dell computer with a dvd drive that is a: NEC DVD+RW ND-100A
i havent used it to burn anything yet, so im not sure what type of dvd disc to buy… dvd-r or dvd+r?
i dont want to buy the rewritable, but on the DVD tray it says “Dvd rewritable RW”
so i hope it can write to dvd-r or dvd+r

pls help, thanks!

Yes, it can write to DVD±R.

DVD+R is better than DVD-R, though a few devices won’t be able to read DVD+R as well as DVD-R.

Your best bet is to use DVD+R, and have your burning software booktype the discs as DVD-ROM.

This thing must be an NEC 1000A then.
You should use +R with it in case of DVD media.