What type of disc do I need to backup PS2

Hi, i am really new to this backup your ps2 game thing…(so new ive never done it before) but i would really like to learn, I have downloaded a trial version of clonecd but dont know what disc to use… i have tried cd-r but it says its not big enough, I have tried dvd-r but the boot disc dont work with it…I have also tried dvd-r dual layer but the same thing happens… also do i need anything else with the two boot disc for them to work… I have a slim playstation… please help me i really have no idea what im doing… :confused:

First off you will need some kinda MOD chip soldered into your PS2 to play your backup sony dvd games. Also what kinda of burner do you have and firmware and does it do booktype? Plus I haven’t heard good results on dvd-r dl you should get dvd+r dl. Most people would recommend verb dvd for backup or cloning your media. How do you have your burner hooked up on you motherboard and what kinda cable are you using? You asked the right question but there are some stuff we still need to know to give more help on.

I was told that I dont need a mod chip, that the boot discs will work just as well…I have a dvd burner and a cd burner, it says its compatible with all types of cds and dvds…the cd thing is built in and the dvd thing(very technical…) is pluged in via USB. I dont really know what firmware is or booktype… sad isnt it… :doh:

i take it you have swap magic?

yeah its swap magic3 plus…but i dont really understand why it wont boot my copied games…it boots the originals…i thought maybee i could be copying them wrong or using the wrong type of disc or missing something…sigh why cant things be simple… :confused: