What type of copy protection is 2 holes(bubbles?) on the disk?

My roommate has a bunch of software from Native Instruments, and they all have the same type of copy protection. 2 holes/bubbles on the disk.

What type is that?

Is it effective?

I’m not looking to make a copy of them, though I would want to if I owned them, but there my roommates and that’s his business. But I’m curious because I’ve never seened or recall hearing about that type before.



where exactly are the bubbles/ holes on the disc?

and aren’t you sure whether they’re bubbles or holes?

and is it preventing copying?

A similar thread has already been discussed on topic. Using the mighty search, I have found: this!

ugh, sorry about not searching for it.

All your questions will be answered there, um, who ever asked (sorry, forgot to remember your name) because it’s the same software.

thanks for pointing out the thread,