What type of alarm clock do use to wake up with?

After reading news stories about Apple fans sleeping late due to a bug in the official alarm clock app, it does make me wonder - How many people totally rely on their phone as an alarm clock? :eek:

While I do have my phone alarm set, I also have a second digital alarm clock set to sound 10 minutes later. I’ve seen enough times where the battery ran dead in the phone that it’s not a reliable way to wake up with, as not every day do I remember to charge it up.

So what do you use to wake up in the morning? :slight_smile:

My phone: the Samsung Wave has a legendary battery!
The sound: Robin Williams screaming “Good morning Vietnam”

The lappy in the next room is also set for ten minutes later as well, mainly cos of the risk I´ll turn off the mobile alarm and fall immediately back to sleep :doh:

[QUOTE=deanimator;2567165]… mainly cos of the risk I´ll turn off the mobile alarm and fall immediately back to sleep :doh:[/QUOTE]

I admit I’ve this same problem also. On a weekday I keep one of the alarms out of reach of the bed. On the weekend when I want to sleep in, I keep both next to the bed as I know I’ll silence them and resume by sleep, often finally waking up wondering if the alarm ever went off. :smiley:

I use my phone, it has 5 alarms, so i usually get the 6:30/6:45/6:55/7:05/7:15 alarms, so it’s impossible not to wakeup.
Before that i used to have a digital alarm clock, and it was noisy, but. it stopped very easy, throw a pillow and go back to sleep.

DAB clock radio.

Wakens you up more gently than a normal alarm.

I used to have an analogue alarm clock with a loud electric buzzer years ago and never got used to it.

Scared the living daylights out of me every morning! :slight_smile:

Good clock though and the hands were moved by a linear motor which was very unusual.


A stereo system with built-in timer (counts as “clock radio” in the poll) and a mobile phone set for only Monday thru Friday.

I wasn’t sure but I voted digital.
The read out is digital.
Mine looks like a Stanley tape measure & runs on 2 AA batteries.
It beeps about 3 times then says “It’s time to do things right” then beeps 3 more times.
If you do nothing it has an auto snooze feature & will repeat in 9 minutes.
If you press the switch that looks like the tape lock it turns off the alarm for that day.
If I press the same switch during the night it audibly tells me the time.
I’ve been using it about 15 years now & so far it has always worked.

I use the universal old age alarm and waltz right to the bath room and wal-la your a wake.Go figure

none no way I go to bed when I want to and get up when I want to. I do not even use one of these.

Usually a clock radio. Sometimes a family member (usually my daughter shouting).

This morning, I woke up and got out of bed just before the first alarm - The digital alarm sounded as usual. The Nokia phone well… silence.

One story that still goes about in the family is what happened when my sister still lived with us about ~15 years ago. My younger brother bought a door bell and wired it up hidden next to her bed. As usual at the time, she slept in on the weekend after a late night out and my brother rang it the following morning. The result wasn’t pretty, but it sure woke her up. :smiley:

One common thing my Dad does on the weekend is leave the kitchen door open while frying the breakfast. This sets off the smoke alarm, both serving as a wake alarm to anyone still asleep and also to test it. :slight_smile:

I usually use my phone - or I use the Philips Wake Up Light (that’s a bit more pleasant, waking up with bird sounds and light - especially now in winter when it’s dark).

Sometimes I rely on my phone, but almost always it’s charging because the battery life is so poor :frowning: - so little risk here!

Sadly I still have no alarm clock…see details here…woe is me… http://club.myce.com/f1/win-brand-new-memorex-clock-radio-306042/#post2475082

who needs a clock??
never go to sleep and you have no worries about over sleeping :slight_smile:

honestly I’ve use an alarm clock about once every two or three months…

Use an old Sony Erricson phone and a Timex digital clock radio. Phone by the bed, clock I have to get up for. And then there is the backup of a baby crying. :stuck_out_tongue:

My wife. Not only does she wake me up in the morning, she wakes me up all night long too!

Digital Alarm Clock is the main, with the phone being a back-up or secondary alarm.

A very cool chrome, old-fashioned looking alarm clock with hands, with the bell thingies on top! Battery operated, though. Bargain £4 from Morrison’s :bigsmile:

On days when my mum picks me up, it’s a swift call on my mobile to wake me up. :slight_smile:


The sound: Robin Williams screaming "Good morning Vietnam[/QUOTE]

When I slept in a 10 bed dorm at school, one of my mates used to wake us up with that. :bigsmile: