What trojan cleaner do You prefer?

There are perhaps several with several options, but wich one do you guys prefer???..and why??..PLEASE!!

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AdAware and AVG

:rolleyes:No cleaner at all they’re all crap so called trojancleaners are not updated enough to make a difference. The thing you have to do to keep your computer clean is just get yourself a good email-client preferable no microsoft, block .js .vb .vbs .htm etc. And a good virusscan will help too… I use Norton CE 7.61 myself. Have your v-scan block malicious scripts by changing the settings. It goes without saying that you dont want to download from scriptkids, dont trust just anyone “op’s” in chatboxes are usually cool. Scan all downloaded files, the thing is that virusscans dont recognize all trojans but a large procentage of them. But it’s save enough this way believe me, unless you have a lot of scriptkiddie friends (age 13/16). Kazaa is pretty save itself it does a little scanning for you check out the options. Also if you feel something is odd and looks like a trojan or you feel big brother is watching you run a dosbos ans use the netstat command. :rolleyes:

This is what I do and I’ve never had a virus/trojan infection on my computer yet.
:cop: Security works great out here :cop:

I use PestPatrol @:


It hasn’t failed me yet. Everyday it finds spyware on my computer. I’d like to figure out how to stop it in the first place. The most common one is Doubleclick.net. <----what a pain in the ass!!!

I like “The Cleaner” It is a simple but effective tool. It is easy to get updates as well.

Have you tried a baby bottle brush?

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. haha lol -baby bottle brush :wink:

_ I Use Trojan Remover and Ad-Aware (both update frequently),and a healthy dose of caution and being ready to re-format at any time :Z

I use for myself trojanhunter
It is shareware and costs 34.95 dollar.
You can use it full for 30 days

Download it from www.misec.net/trojanhunter.jsp

PestPatrol 3.2

Trojan Remover 4.7.4

AdAware 5.83

I recover PC’s from trojan’s and malware. I have tried them all. Symantec is no help. McAfee used to help - boot scan even found boot trojans- now forget it. The cleaner from moosoft is ok. PC–Tools lacks the ability to remove trojans with out a network connection - some trojans now eat the network software. The problem with most of todays Trojan Removers is that they require a network connection. Without proper protection once a trojan eats the connection most cures do not work!

This thread is 6 years old. The software that detects Trojans in A/V programs has evolved alot since then. I use Kapersky Interenet Security Suite and it has never let me down, it has detected and removed all Trojans, malware, adware,etc.

Hi,[quote=alan1476;2089379]I use Kapersky Interenet Security Suite and it has never let me down, it has detected and removed all Trojans, malware, adware,etc.[/quote]This is just wishful thinking.

You can’t clean a compromised system by using a virus scanner. To tell you the truth, a fully compromised system can’t be trusted. Even virus scanners must at some level rely on the system to not lie to them. If they ask whether a particular file is present, the attacker may simply have a tool in place that lies about it. (…)

[B]The only way to clean a compromised system is to flatten and rebuild.[/B]

from: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc512587.aspx


Trojans can be safely removed provided they are detected and blocked BEFORE they are activated.

Once activated, you cannot be completely sure that the trojan is removed except by restoring an earlier backup or reinstalling, as Michael says.

This is mostly a theoretical consideration, however. In reality you can’t even be completely sure (theoretically) that your system is trojan-free in the first place, even if all anti-malware software say so.

The only way to to be completely theoretically sure that your system is trojan free is to never connect it to the network, and never plug in any storage devices or insert any media.

Obviously, being completely theoretically sure of not being infected is completely impractical, and some sort of compromise is required where you are [I]reasonably[/I] sure.

That being said, if I detect a trojan infection on my own system, I always restore an earlier system backup.

yeah the best way to get rid of them…is don’t get em’.

I guess I have been lucky then, I have not had to reformat due to a trojan in 13 years since I was running Windows 95. :wink:

[QUOTE=Bob;2089453]yeah the best way to get rid of them…is don’t get em’.[/QUOTE]

But I don’t think I’ve ever had one either, but I had to fix a compurter across the street & Ca security anti-spy I quaranteened them and all was fine but I have seen some really nasty ones that after removing them caused BSOD

I don’t put any P2P on my PC either. I do have a second Pc with limewire but P2P doesn’t get anywhere near my main Pc

I prefer AVG spyware .