What tools are needed:Divx to DVD-r/DVD+R

Please let me know,i’m definitely considering a Sony DRU500a,and
am wondering what i need…thanks to all who reply

MPEG2-Encoder (TMPEGEnc, or, if you are very rich, Cinema Craft Encoder) and some authoring tool (SpruceUp, DVD Maestro etc).

With DVD Maestro, you can create DVD-Video images which can be mounted in Daemon Tools and then “copied” to a DVD±R(W) disc with Nero.

Thanks, Alex,My 'burning ’ question has been solved

hey,Alex,what do you think about Ulead
Movie Factory,or Adobe Premiere,both of which,I have? And I got TMPG enc showed that it couldn’t encode some existing mpg files that i have,is there a ‘fix’ for that? I’m trying to get a movie burned thru my new Sony,but to be honest,i’m having trouble…

I use neither of these, but Ulead Video Factory is said to be pretty good.
About the TMPEG problem: :confused: