What tool to use get rid of SafeCast protection off a CD/DVD? Or is it possible?

I have some language dictionaries (e.g. Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English or LDCE) protected by MacroVision SafeCast. Although it is not my worry about the CD/DVD themselves as they are legit, the actual use of such protected CD/DVD is nightmare.

With the full LDCE dictionary installed, SafeCast installs driver “CDAC11BA.EXE”, creates Windows service and randomly makes numerous system level modifications and injections.

My HIPS program is SSM (System Safety Monitor). With SSM enabled, when I ran the dictionary program, SSM got me numerous and continuous alerts and warnings. The frequency of alerts was so high, I think, because SafeCast created random instances of Windows services and system injections for which SSM was unable to find a pattern to make rule. In short, with SSM enabled, it was nearly impossible to run a SafeCast-protected program due to the magnitude of alerts. I am unsure about to what extent the SafeCast scheme may jeopardize security/privacy.

I will pause my story here. Is there any tool using which I can get rid of SafeCast protection off a CD/DVD and make custom CD/DVD w/o protection?

Whether it is possible or not is beside the point. Modification of the program by removing the copy protection is illegal so, whilst I sympathise, we can’t help you.