What tool do i use to test the quality of my recorded disc?

Currently i’m using NERO cd speed and I do a surface scan. Is this the ‘correct’ method of testing how the quality of my burned cds are? Or do i test the files?

If there are any other programs, plz let me know, I wanna test many different medias and see which one is best suited for my huge collection of ANIME.

At least the surface scan is a very good indication to se hoe good the discs is.

I’m also looking for a second program to check with…


I love my Mitsui’s and Kodak’s - here this god of media :slight_smile: - but my Diskrites for lesser stuff are giving me grief - I bought 300 of em :frowning:

Some have yellow blocks which is a dead giveaway of problems, some others give a slowdown during the scandisk or media-quality check even when there are no yellow sectors - this is at x12-x15 as I cannot enable DMA for my plextor (master on 2nd bus using 80way cable).

The question is - apparently this slowdown is due to C2 errors - if so, is the amount of errors going to grow or is the all-green but slow-down disc as bad as it is going to be. I believe the answer is it will get worse overs months, but just for clarification.

Many thanks.