What to use?

I just ordered a external CD burner off of ebay.com.And it’ll be here saturday.It had everything but burning software.Any good suggestion on what I can use with it?

Here’s what it is:

Iomega CDRW9602EXT3 2.0 USB EXT. CD Burner


No help here?


Today :rolleyes:

I really like a program called “Burrrn” :slight_smile:


Thanks,I’ll give it a try first!

If you want a full featured reasonably priced buring app-try out Ashampoo Burnign Studio 7. It works with virtually every drive made and does NOT have the dreaded InCD or DLA type of program.


Don’t know about DLA, but InCD was always an option that had to be installed separately (if wanted). I have been using Nero since verion 4.x, and I was never forced to install InCD.
Also, any modern CD/DVD writing software should work with any drive as there are standard interfaces used. This is at least true with Nero from 6.x and newer.