What to use to split 7gb movie into 2 4.7gb sl discs?

Can someone give me a few free/trial programs that I can use do to this? :doh:

I hope to understand correctly your question.

For a DVD you can use dvd shrink in re-author mode

For an avi you can use virtualdub (save as direct stream copy to avoid to re-encode again the entire chunk)

What format is the 7 gb movie?

i used dvd decrypter to rip it. I have dvd shrink but dont want to get the video files in the wrong order or anything :s

is it possible to just rip in iso read mode with decrypter and in settings to seperate by disc?

For what I know this is not possible.

With dvd shrink you can put each chunk in the exact sequence you want in reauthor mode. I never had problems.

You can use dvd shrink simply to split a movie setting start and end points.

Give me a minute to make a screenshot

it IS possible geno. LOL I just forgot :doh: thread can be closed now lol :rolleyes: :clap: haha

Here I am again :bigsmile:

doh, not sure, think i got it wrong, sigh, looks like it wont work with decrypter.

Try the re-author mode with dvd shrink. Follow the pics as example. It works.

In this way you decide the point where to split the movie

yeah but dvd decrypter can keep the menus i thought, Can anyone also add their input on whether its possible with decrypter?

I’m not sure, but it should be possible to split a movie and retain menus with clonedvd

just tried it, you can cut off chapters but the stupid quality percent bar doesnt change, bah. I’ve just downloaded a trial of dvdfab and used that, That works 100%. :slight_smile:

good to know :bigsmile:

oh, thanks for the help anyway :clap:

You’re welcome :slight_smile: