What to use to burn a dvd movie

i am trying to back up the movie “cars” for the kids, i use dvdfab dycrypter then dvd shrink to put it onto my hard drive. I use nero 6 ultra with all the latest updates but with them there is no automatic burn from dvd shrink so it stays on the hard drive. I then have used nero recode to burn onto a dvd, i have noticed that whilst it says the burn was successful when i go to watch it the sound often stutters and the picture pauses, (yet there is no problem with it before using nero).
My questions are:
after using dvd shrink should i burn with recode or nerovision or perhpas something else?
If i use the dycrypter should i go straight to nero recode?
I have noticed on a couple of movies that after using dvd shrink that nerovision says it cannot burn as the files are to large.
what is the best and most succesful way to ensure good copies.

i should also mention i have dvd dycrypter should i just use the burn feature through there

If DVD Shrink is set to output to a VIDEO_TS folder, then you can use IMGBURN (a free program) to burn that to a DVD blank:


Use DvD FabDecrypter then DvDShrink as you were and save your image as an Iso to your HD. Use Imgburn to burn your image.


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How silly am I - I totally spaced that you could set the DVD Shrink target to be an ISO. I’m SUCH a brain-faded dork!

thanks i triedusing image/burn with the already saved VIDEO_TS folder and it would not pick them up. and i cannot find anywhere in dvd shrink to save as an iso file. after shrink should i do a build with imgburn to iso then burn with it
thanks for all your help i get confused with a lot of this

Wait - how do you mean it wouldn’t pick them up? You have version of ImgBurn installed, right?

You did put it in BUILD mode like this:

Then chose to BROWSE FOR A FOLDER like this:

Then selected your VIDEO_TS folder like this:

IMGBurn can burn that VIDEO_TS folder but you need to use the ‘Build’ Mode.

Great advice!! :wink: Seems we had the same idea :bigsmile:

As for the DVD Shrink thing, OPEN the folder (the VIDEO_TS) and then click the BACKUP button. On the dialog that has a tab that says TARGET DEVICE, the first field says: Select Backup Target: - it is there you click the drop down box and select ISO Image File, or if you have DVD Decrypter on your system too, you could try the ISO Image File and Burn With DVD Decrypter option.

It just takes a bit of pokin’ around to find how to do things.

You really don’t need ISOs anymore with IMGBurn. It burns just fine with the VIDEO_TS folders.

Yes, but Iso is a standard format, and is unverisal with various different types of software. You are only working with one file instead of a bunch of files. Less files to deal with make it easier for new people to learn and you are also creating one more step before you can burn by using the build mode. It’s easier to select Iso and burn.


When you are using DvD Shrink once you goto select the option of backing up you are given 4 backup choices ( you have click on the down arrow at the right to see them)

Select backup target.

1] Burn with Nero

2] Create a Iso image

3] Burn Iso with DvD Decrypter

4] Create DvD files in a HD folder

then you select where you want to put it.

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Most all DVD copying and/or editing programs can universally use VOBs, IFOs. :cool:

Using one VIDEO_TS folder can be as easy as selecting the ISO file. And the OP stated that he already had the VIDEO_TS folder ripped to his harddrive, right??

What ‘one more step’ are you talking about?? not any more steps than browsing to the ISO :cool:

BTW, DVDShrink can now show #3 as ‘Burn ISO with IMGBurn’, in case you didn’t know. :wink:

thanks everyone for your help will give the iso a try and imgburn

The key word here is [B]most[/B]. Like I said Iso is a standard format.

The OP stated neither in his first posting. Iso is one file, Vob,Ifo,Bup are bunch of files. Keep it simple. One file.

Does it really matter?

Yes, I know that.

The point is that your comment that a Iso is really not needed was not necessary you will only throw confusion into the mix. Everybody has different approaches.

Enough said.

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Based on your response, I can see that you have little knowledge of DVD copying and editing programs, but if you’d like to stick to ISOs, by all means, please do.


Just was trying to let him know that he could use the already ripped VIDEO_TS folder and that an ISO was not necessary to use with IMGBurn.

Wouldn’t going back and creating an ISO been additional steps for nothing?

Anyways, he already replied that he will try the ISOs, so what does it matter now, as you say? .

I think you have to learn how to read. Only BeardedKirklander made that suggestion and then it was tried. It was not stated in his first post. I have vast knowledge of DVD copying and editing programs. Using A Iso compared to Ifo,Bup,Vob files is no different, except it’s one file.

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OK MR. ‘Vast Knowledge’, you win if that’ll make you happy, because this isn’t going nowhere.

2 last questions for your vast knowledge,

Does DVDShrink even produce a MDS file?
EDIT: (What, retracted that MDS file comment?) LOL

And what programs can open ISOs but not VOBs, IFOs ? VOBBlanker? FixVTS? DVDRebuilder? Oh, maybe PGCEdit? Just curious.

No DvD Shrink does not produce a MDS file.

A MDS file was created for fat32 systems, and is not required for NTFS systems.

DvD FaB Decrypter
DvD Decrypter
DvD Skrink

Should I go on

Yes these programs will not open Isos but newbies are not going to get into using VOBBlanker, FixVTS, DVDRebuilder and PGCEdit. Don’t forget about Menushrink.

As long as you are using AnyDvD or RipIt4Me and doing 1:1 copys there is no need for them.

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Are you trying to imply that these programs only open ISOs but not VOBs, IFOs?


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