What to use these days

I have always been using dvdshrink in combination with the latest nero and sometimes use anydvd. I am now curious if this is an old method to copy encrypted dvd’s. I have seen and used programs like clonedvd, 1click dvd and dvdfab platinum, but are they better or worse than dvdshrink
ero combo? What do you think, better yet what do you use to copy encrypted dvd’s?


Nothing wrong with what you use.

With AnyDVD being updated in line with any new protections I believe that DVD Shrink is perfectly adequate in compressing to fit 4.7gb media.

If excessive compression is required then maybe DVD Rebuilder in conjunction with Cinema Craft Encoder would do a better job.

I burn with Nero or ImgBurn depending how I feel at the time. If the volume name I want is greater than 15 characters then it’s ImgBurn every time.

If you’ve paid for an AnyDVD licence then the freebies (DVD Shrink & ImgBurn) are all you need I think.

Iv tested loads of different programs but I found the best is AnyDVD in combination with DVD Shrink or clone DVD they’ve never failed me. Also for the price of AnyDVD and clone DVD its very worth while.

Thanks, yeah I purchased anydvd when I started to get encrypted reading errors in dvdshrink. I haven’t had any movie I can’t backup so far. I use dvdshrink because its free and because I like the layout of how you can preview and drag contents. I have used dvdshrink since it came out practically. Started this thread because I started reading around of how people say dvdshrink image quality is not on par with others. I don’t notice what they mean unless you get close to it I guess, not from far. Anyways, I think if something ain’t broken, why fix it right, will stay with my current dvdsrink\anydvd combo. Anyways, I think Nero’s burning engine is much better than those integrated in those other dvd programs.