What to use if VSO gets banished?

i love vso!
i switched to CopytoDVD once Nero became bloated and i love it.
i would hate to have to switch again…i don’t know of any good alternatives (no, i won’t go back to Nero)
any ideas of a bloat-free copying program just for regular copying (i use alcohol and clonedvd for games :stuck_out_tongue: )

We should wait and see, 1st to see if its passed and 2nd to see exactly what effect it will have if passed.

maybe VSO will move next to SlySoft to Antigua? :wink:

I will use VSO software till the end of days. I’m not living in France and the software is already on my PC.

Hi there,

I feal the same way.

I will use VSO software until the RCMP :cop: (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) comes and arrests me in my own home.

RCMP in Canada = FBI in the USA, our own flavor of the FEDS :slight_smile:

I will use VSO in prison :a , and will use VSO at my funeral :confused:

God same the… VSO software :bow: , the hell with the Queen :stuck_out_tongue:

Considering v4.5.7 is still the best for SecuROM backups (v5 is easier, but less accurate, there isnt really much improvment in v5 other than a far more user friendly GUI, so I still use 4.5.7) I think it will be a long, long time before the last BlindWrite version has no use. Alcohol and CloneCD are still best for SafeDisc, so I see little short term problem. When one thing goes, another comes, so I guess we can hope either a new company will offer the same kind of options for newer protections, or Alcohol and CloneCD will expand. Still, as portmac pointed out, VSO isnt dead yet, so I don’t see the need for an early funeral. There is lots more VSO Software can consider to stay alive.