What to use for backing up movies for 2 disk

I currently use DVD Shrink to backup movies, although some movies are still too large to fit on one disk, even after removing everything but the movie and the compression is still pretty low (66%).

What software is out there to use, if possible anything shareware or freeware?


I have been using anyDVD and a cheapo version of interVideo ($11) from www.ussa.com and so far have not found a movie that I can’t get onto one disk - and in about 20 to 40 minutes - depending on size of the original - also only use the best media which is Taiyo Yuden from www.rima.com at $.60 per disc - and get great movies-




DVD-Rebuilder w/Quenc is free. If you have the time to run it, it will give you better quality than Shrink even without stripping out extras.

the simple way i use if i want a long movie/dvd split to 2 DVDs is:

insert dvd. launch dvdshrink. choose open disk. choose the dvd location from the dropdown menu/ok. click reauthor. drag main movie title across to the left pane/dvd structure window. click on the set start/end frame button [two arrows facing opposite directions]. now, if the movie has, say, 30 chapters then leave start at chapter 1 [default], but on the end chapter, the dropdown BELOW, set it to 15/ok. now click backup, set your options to save as ISO or burn or whatever. now you go back and do the same operation, but you start at chapeter 16 and end at chapter 30. this way you have split the whole movie to 2 DVDs . Done.