What to set in any dvd re External Burner?

i wondered what I have to do so that Any Dvd recognizes my Exernal Burner, I clicked on properties and it shows that the Burner is there and working properly but Any Dvd keeps showing my internal D: as not having a Dvd in it while I am trying to burn from my F: Drive which is shown in “My Computer”.

i think that I must have changed something w/o knowing; i had to uninstall and reinstall Any Dvd b/c of a problem with my notebook which is now fine, except that Any Dvd is now only showing my internal drive.

i would appreciate advice on what to do, thankyou. :slight_smile:

I figured this out, I disconnected my external burner and reconnected it after several seconds went by and now Any Dvd is recognizing both the Internal and External Burners.

I thought that I should post this. In trying to rid of my newly d/l of Nero the it caused programs like IE and OE not to work and this d/l was from a Link provided to me from a member of a Nero forum.
It caused me havoc and so I had to use their Clean Tool as well as their Driver Clean Tool and Registry Checker to uninstall it and then do a Reg Clean, I use Tune up 6.

After doing all of this several of my programs got corrupted in the process and then my external burner would not get recognized by Any Dvd which was one of the programs that was corrupted and I had to uninstall and of course kept my registration and did a new d/l after a Reg clean here as well and then had this problem.

Nero has not made me happy. This is the first time that I had to do a d/l of the Tools to uninstall and it certainly was a headache to say the least.

I thought that I should post this.


Maybe you should have the latest nero 6 downloaded from their site Nero that is the latest version. Maybe before expressing your opinion check the manufacture site for updates and firmware revision. Also you didnt mentioned what kinda external drive. Also is your O/S updated-make sure all your programs are up to date and as well make sure you have reliable media. Sometimes external drive so have their own software to run them make sure to check the manufacture for such program if there is such.