What to read/rip from?

I have been thinking of buying the ASUS 52x cdrw and I’m pretty sure I’l pick that one, but what should you use for reading/ripping?

Writers can read almost anything but my experience to have them as readers are that they dont keep up with a simple cd rom. Maybe this have changed I don’t know but I kind of need something that can read DVD.

Looked alittle into the ASUS dvd but I can’t seem to find a site with what it really can handle, subchannels etc.

Have really found a clear response on this site either, still looking though.

I would be grateful for any suggestions of readers that are FAST, can read dvd and can read most formats and types of data. Price doesnt really matter.

The LiteOn RW drives will read/rip faster than many, if not most, CD-ROM drives, same for the DVD-ROM drives. In the next year you will see CD-ROM disappear from the marketplace.
My own RW and DVD drives, (all LiteOn) work very well for source drives, and can do 48x on-the-fly copies with most discs. audio: 40 ripping, RW discs: 40x reading. Have you looked at the reviews at CDRLabs?

Thanks for the site tip :bow:

I read about Lite On and it seems very promising, didn’t say how the asus dvd was though.

Since you got both the LiteOn cdrw and the dvd is the noise lvl really that annoying? :confused:

They sound fine to me. It’s all relative. I also think that the type of mounting and case design have a big impact on noise levels. My old 12x drives made far more noise and vibration.

Ok, with the noise I have now I guess I can live with LiteOn…

Two more question since your answering, I see there are some different versions on the writer and the dvd so:

Is there several versions of the 52x writer if so witch is to prefer?

Is there several versions of the 16/48x dvd wich is to prefer?

There is only one 52x burner, LTR-52246S. There are also 2 other drives in the same series which can be flashed to a 52x with appropriate firmware. they are the 48126S and 48246s.
As for the DVD drives, I cannot help you as mine is an older version that is no longer sold. If you don’t NEED a DVD drive, wht not go with 2 burners? The prices are right!

Why prefer 2 burners?

Oh and btw I have been scanning the forum for another answer but maybe you know…

Does the writer slow down a hdd if they share cable? or if i go for a dvd will it matter how they are set?

Why prefer 2 burners?

Why not? they make great readers/rippers, and you can burn 2 CD’s at once. (given the correct configuration and software)

Does the writer slow down a hdd if they share cable? or if i go for a dvd will it matter how they are set?

Depends on your system. Most recent systems will work fine with any configuration, and will support 2 different speed UDMA drives on one channel. For some operations, you may want the optical drives on separate channels, but for most things they can be on the same channel. It all depends on your hardware and what you’re trying to do. We do occasionally see that optical drives from different makers do not play well together on the same channel.

So if I get:

2 Lite-On 52x writers
1 Lite-On 16/48x dvd (cause I need one still)

and a IDE controller card to separatly handle my hdds I would have myself a neat combination?

is there anything you really can’t do with the Lite-On writer?

There are a couple audio protections that the LiteOn’s cannot read/copy. Apart from that, they do everything.
Since the LiteOn DVD is as good a reader/ripper as the RW drive, you don’t really need 2 RW drives. But then, I have several that I don’t “need”. Don’t forget there are some great DVD burners coming soon, you’ll “need” to get one of those too. :bigsmile:

:bigsmile: LOL :bigsmile:

:bow: I guess so, well thanx alot for your time and answers! :bow: