What to play DivX on?

I dont like the idea of burning divx of DVD anymore so ive got a choice now of.
A Media Center PC?
An XboX which plays DivX (Where do i buy these?)
A Portable Media Player HDD?
Or a freecom Multimedia Player?

I have heard so far a modded xbox is the best but i dont know what to do with it.
I need to transfer films to the xvox through USB to it then watch the films off the built in HDD through a scart cable?
How do i do this?

Well the XBOX is not the best option, but it sure has a lot of potential. Thing is that every now and then, new codecs are used (or better: updated versions). Systems you can maintain yourself, like the XBOX, are easy to update with the latest codecs. With some other devices, that can be harder.

If you know your way around PCs, the easiest way is probably the HTPC. It depends of course what your HTPC is running on, but when it’s running on Windows (let me assume that), installing the codecs like you do on a regular PC will do the trick.

On the XBOX it’s a bit more cumbersome. First, you need to have a modded Xbox (modchip, flashed BIOS etc). Depending on your location, you can have your XBOX modded by a pro or even buy a modded XBOX there. Additionally, you need to installl the appropriate software on the XBOX to get it working. It’s not hard, but I would not advice it to somebody with limited to none PC knowledge. If you are interested, tell me and I’ll tell you more about the XBOX and its multimedia abilities…

JUst get one of these cheap DVD players that play divx , less than £40 probably.

What’s an HTPC and where would i get these from?
Tried many DivX DVD Players mate and they gave me loads of problems just stressed me watching the films on them because of the contstant freezing.
Sorry TimC nothing personal, not a beef ting!.

About this HTPC what isit and where do i buy them?
I’m also interested in the xbox modded one too so where would i get a pre-modded one?

thanks v much.