What to look for in DVD-R Machine

I am new to this forum and I think I maybe a little to simple for most of you.
What I am looking for is information regarding a good DVD-R that is reasonable priced to record movies from my Sattelite HDDVR.
I have a Direct TV HDDVR and a seperate Blu-Ray player for watching and upconverting standard Movie DVD’s
What I need is a relatively simple to install and operate is a machine that I can record previously saved movies on my Sattelite DVDR to a DVD to watch later and not clog up storage space on my Sattelite DVR.
Question 1 is this possible? or is it against infringement rights to do.
question 2 if this is possible do you have any recommendations on reasonable priced machine. any thing I should need or not need in a machione I will just use for this type of recording.
As you can tell I am obviously not that equipment savy but I just want the ability to make DVD’s of previously saved and enjoyed movies from my satelite provider.
I will appreciate whatever help you can offer.

Impossible yet.

You can use any DVD Recorder. Simply send the video output of your DVR into the recorder and record in real time. Note that it will NOT be HD. There aren’t any HD recorders and likely won’t be any time soon.