What to get now after my Benq DW1640 has died?

Hi all, after 2 yrs and not that many burns my DW1640 has given up on me. :sad:

What should I be lookin at getting now? Seems like things are quite different 2yrs on from when i got the 1640… should I try and get another benq? Or is their something better out by another brand?

Ive had a browse thru the forums and it is difficult pin pointing what is general taken by everyone as newish decent drive… im looking for burn quality and read speed on TY


Get a Pioneer 112 drive. :slight_smile:

Hiya DVD Addict thanks for the suggestion… from reading abit more deeper in these forums from what i can tell (but tell me if im wrong) the top 2 current in production writers are the pioneer 112 as u suggested or the LiteOn LH-20A1H… Anyone else have any other suggestions?

LG make good drives, quality burns on good media - there’s another suggestion for you. :slight_smile:

My LG drives have been good solid drives, and they last quite awhile. I’ve seen some great scans of H42N burns in the LG forum.

Pioneer 112 for burning, Liteon 20A1H for scanning. The Pioneer is as close to BenQ quality as you can get, IMHO.

Or you can always try to buy a Plextor 760A.

Quality at non-Plextor cost, Pioneer 111 would be my choice. Similar write quality to BenQs on TY/MCC media (with no OPC issues).

I have the same question. My BenQ 1640 still works perfectly after 2 years of almost daily usage but the time has come to build a new PC for myself. What drive can be a good enough replacement? There is one problem. I’m rather addicted to a Benq 1640 DVD overburning feature, which works flawlessly on a quality media (Yuden T03, MCC004). What modern drives support DVD overburning?

Go get yourselves a Pioneer 212. you wont miss your BenQ then.

why get a replacement? , just stick with it , current motherboards still have IDE slots (1 at least,2 in more expensive ones) ,at least if you build the pc yourself , some oem motherboards (made for system manufacturers such as dell) doesnt have IDE slots at all

Thanks all for the replies… im about to order in the next couple of hrs i think im gonna go with the Pioneer 112d

@klarissa_(rus) - I think the Plextor 760 is the only current drive other than the BenQ Nexperia drives that support overburning.

Does the pioneer 112 do bitsetting by default with + media, without doing anything special? I just want to set it once and be done like the BenQ’s.

It only bitsets to dual layer dvd+r from the factory. In order for bitsetting to single layer dvd+r media you’ll have to use buffalo firmware & tdb hacked firmware. Check out the Pioneer forum on how this is done. :wink:

News to me. What chipset does it use? Is it limited to +Rs or can it overburn -Rs too?

Sanyo LC897496K – the 760 has been out for some time. It isn’t really new. :wink:

You should be able to overburn by about 130mb on +R media with the 760. Pulsee is really the guy here on Freaks to chat with…


Once remaining stocks of BenQ 1640/50/55 & [I]‘true’[/I] Plextor drives vanish from the market, overburning of +R DVD media will be history. (unless Lite-ON or other manufacturer wishes to add this feature as selling point of their drives :wink: )

OMG. I better look for the remaining Benq 165x in my area now!

None of my old CD writers used to be able to overburn CDs, but then all my DVD writers can. Maybe the future BD-DVD writers will be able to overburn DVDs easily, so I wouldn’t be too worried about it :disagree:

(Though I have 3 spare 1655s so I definitely have no reason to worry :stuck_out_tongue: )

Bought DVD8801 and successfully crossflashed to BenQ DW-1650. Burns fine. DVD overburn works ok. Now, both my old and new PC have real BenQ drives, with all the Benq features we love them for. :clap: