What to get, next system..soon

I am planning on building a new system in Jan…
My (mabey stupid) question is…
Do I need a duel layer DVD reader AND a separate duel layer DVD writer?

My main goal is to back up my DVDs on Duel Layer disks. So can a Duel Layer DVD writer, such as the BenQ DW 1620A, write onto a duel layer DVD if the source is coming from the other drive such as regular DVD/CD drive?

Any suggestions on what to buy “reading” and then duel layer “writing” are appreciated.

I’m planning on the following matchine or something similar:

Athlon 64bit 3200
512mg DDR2
180gig SATA
*Duel Layer DVD writer- probably BenQ DW 1620A
*second drive to read DVD/CD
Video Card - Suggestions here are also appreciated… want to spend around $100 -$150 on it or so.

Thats about the guts of it… Please give your thoughts.
Thanks :cool:

As a writer I would probabally pick the LiteOn SOHW-1653S, as it has a decent speed, writes to both + and -, had that SMART-X thing that increases the extraction quality of any cd’s or DVD’s. Look at Lite-On’s site to see the specs and search for the best price online in your country.

As far as readers go, most are pretty much the same. Personally I have a Samsung SD-616Q for nearly 2 years and it has worked perfectly.


Fastest DVD-rom drive is the Aopen 1648/aap-

The best 16x burner is the NEC ND-3500AG-