What to Get? 40X or 48X?

Hi Dudez

I´m going to get a new CDR drive this afternoon…

Since I do NOT make many copies of protected cds (like safedics protected ones,computer games in general and so), I want the best writer drive.

I mean, I want reability (I do not want to make coasters), best audio quality in CDR, and no problems while reading burned cds in read-only drives (consoles, compact disc players,cd-rom lectors, etc)

Resuming, I want the most reliable drive for burning and NO to copy games, and I don´t care about time diference between 40X and 48X

So, What to get, Plextor 40X12X40 or Plextor 48x24X48?

Thank you in advance.

PS:It´s possible to make copies of AUDIO protected CD with plexwritter 40X?

Get a Plextor 24x. It can write to crap media, can read Key2Audio (V2/3) and CDS200.
The 40x/48x have less crap media support.

I agree but it can be hard to find a Plextor 24x.

For audio protections, i’ve seen that Plextor Japan has posted a new firmware. Maybee it corrects the cds 200 issue.

Well… eBay!

I have 40/12/40 and it reads key2audio with no problesm…

No plextor has any problem with Key2Audio. The only problem of 40x/48x plextors is crap media.

i got a 40 x and it does everything that i want it to do, But if your going to get an expensive drive get the 48 times cos the 24 times rewrite of the new plextor must be the best feature (along with the fast seek time)

Before buying a Plextor 48x, i think a problem should be solved : the cds 200 audio copy protection.

Btw, that would be nice if CdFreaks team could test that audio protection as they did before.

I know you test a quite similar protection, but i think it’s not exactly the same : it must be harder because it has no compatibility problems.

The 24/40 can copy: CDS-200,key2audio and most CDS-100 disc’s.
The 48 seems only to be able to copy key2audio at this moment.

Best thing out there for copying audio is the Yamaha CRW-F1 since this drive can do anything a 24x/40x plex can but also read/copy mediacloq protected disc’s. Something only some old SCSI-writers and the plextor cd-rom players could do.

I just get it today …

Cheapy media … in packs of 25, 5x packs …
Platinum CD-R 80min - Multispeed (whatever is)

anyway …

  1. 76min data track … (DivX)

    copy on the fly

    CDROM SCSI Plextor read speed 40x
    CDRW Plextor 48x write speed

    Copy done in 3m 40s

  2. Audio CD (using just the Plextor 48/24/48a)

    Very bad condision of my favorite audio CD,
    Rage Agains the masine … 66min audio
    a) ripped CD2mp3… ripping speed 4.1x max ???

    b) To ISO, and then back on CD, Nero says 48x ?? (reliable ?)

    Writing done in 3.20sec

Test comp: Abit KT7A, 1Gb RAM, 4Gb segate, 10Gb Maxtor and 75MB RAMDISK (RamDiskNT 1.4 dosn’t allow me more :(), lastes 4in1 drivers

Just a question… why would you waste your time AND lower the quality of the sound by going thru all the trouble of ripping to MP3 and re mastering when you could just do a 1:1 disc copy? and it probably ripped so slow because of the MP3 encoding. I can rip audio at 17-40 CAV from a scuffed up disc in plextools with no problem on my PII 300.

I put mine on a MP3 player :wink: