What to flash on a Philips DVD8631

I have got a second hand Philips DVD model 8631/34 (as label reads) which Windows XP identifies as such, but that refuses to operate at all (I don´t know with another OS).
Checking tools inform that it has the “2X16” firmware, but it doesn´t allow being flashed with any .exe or RPC1 firmwares.
I am thinking to crossflash it to its own CVT with BQflasher, but I am not sure of the result.
Could anybody confirm me this solution, or suggest a better one? Thanks!

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Before even thinking about flashing drive you have to make sure what type it is and what capabilities it has.

You can use DiscInfo tool, execute app and go to menu View -> Capabilities Info. Save that window with Take Snapshot.
Add that pic to your next post with “Manage Attachments”.

Nero InfoTool output can also be useful. :wink: