What to feed my new 1640 (+R)?



Just picked up a new 1640 and want recommendations for +R media to use. I was planning on picking up 2 different brands as I will be archiving some home movies and I’ll be saving a copy on each. I’ve already decided to pick up some TY as one of the brands. Questions:

  1. Should I try 16X media or should I stick with 8X?

  2. Samsclub carries 100-PK 8X+R Verbatims made in Taiwan for around $38. Anyone have good luck with those??

Any suggestions/advice is appreciated!



For the best results my advice is : Yuden t02 (8x media)
MCC003 (8x media)

personally I don’t think the price surplus of 16X media is worth it
(especially when you take into account that QS results of 8x media burned @8x on gives better scores on average)


Yep, like Muertez said, stick with 8x; to buy 16x isn’t worth the price increase.

If you can find the yuden000t02-00, get it (Sony DVD+R, Made in Japan [MIJ, Circuit City]; Fuji DVD+R, MIJ [Best Buy, 50 pk–but NOTE–possibly no longer available]; Fuji DVD+R 30 pk, MIJ [Staples, totally white label]). Otherwise, your best alternative would be to order TY OEM from www.rima.com.

Offhand, BenQ1640 burns MCC003 at 8x much better than a Plextor 716a, but the only burner I’ve seen burn it the best is a Liteon 1693S.


8X burned at 8X I use Yuden000 T02 and believe that the quality of the burn is far more important than a few extra seconds.


I’ll be picking up some of the Yudens this weekend somewhere. Where do you get your MCC003 blanks?? BTW, right now I’m getting unbelievable quality scans with the 8X -R TYs, but only so-so scans with the 8X -R Verbs (MCC02RG20). Are the +R scans for these 2 media brands giving better quality scans using the 1640 than the -R media scans??




The 1640 seems to be -R challenged from my own experiences and the experiences of others in these forums-

Your choices of Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim medias are very good-

As a suggestion - look at our bargain basement forum - it is totally amazing what the members come up with in media and optical drive bargains - which can change very quickly-

Also - we have found some branded Burnmaster media that is Taiyo Yuden 8x +R’s at reasonable prices here:


The gold standard of media vendors ofcourse is Rima at www.rima.com - a great vendor with good pricing and excellent customer service-

Happy Burnin’



YUDEN000T02, TYG02, and MCC003 are the best media on my DW1640 and DW1620s so far, in that order.


OK, so where are you guys getting your MCC003s?? I’ve only seen ‘Made in Taiwan’ Verbs, but they’re made by either CMC or Prodisc. Has anybody had good like with BOTH of those? I thought I heard that CMC was questionable in the quality department. If so, how do I make sure I get Prodisc Verbs?? Sorry for all the questions. Your help is much appreciated! Thanks!!!



best not to chance it, and just go with Taiyo Yuden. I’d think twice about Verbatim next time 'round (lucky sale @ amazon.com)


I really want 2 different brands to burn archival copies of home video. TY is a given, but I need a second-placer. So there’s no sure way of picking up ‘good’ Verbatim/MCC0003?



The only 30 packs of Fujifilm from Staples that I have seen are 3 different colors of 10 each. Where did you see White labels, and how much were they. MIJs?


any MIJ Fuji is good.



www.rima.com carries the whole Verbatim line at very competitive prices - and also carries the MCC 003 “OEM” at $29 for 100 plus shipping (very reasonable)-



The CMC verbs have a printed paper insert at the top of the cake box. The Prodisc verbs do not… You can tell by the serial number around the stacking ring what discs you have. If they have a + in the serial number they are Prodisc. If they are a number like PAHA11JDO5235736 they are CMC.


Rima’s site doesn’t show the media code for the OEM 8X +R Verbatims. Is it always MCC003?

I got a 100 pack of Verbatim 8x +R Made in Taiwan from Amazon for $30 shipped about 2 months ago that were MCC003 and burned well in the 1640.



This is no longer true; now all of the Verbatim spindles have the paper insert, Prodisc or CMC-made. You can still tell which is which by the cakebox type. The batch serials wouldn’t be visible anyway due to the spacers on top of the top disc (the stamper serials were visible though).


Newegg has Verbatim 8x +R that are MCC 003’s.


Hmmm…this would explain a thing or two. I mentioned a few posts back about getting poor scans with some 8x-R Verbs (MCC02RG20) that I have. I bought 2 50-count spindles (100 pack bundle) of this from Supermediastore.com a few months ago. It is no longer offered by Supermediastore, but I found the exact same thing at the following website:


I assumed that the two spindles were the same since they were wrapped together in plastic. It appears they are not. I’ve only opened one and have done some scans just using that spindle. Now, after carefully comparing the packaging, I notice some significant differences between the two. First, the lip on the opened spindle is higher than the other. The words “LOCK” and “OPEN” stamped on the top of the opened spindle are more raised than the other. Also, the double arrow between the two words is much longer on the opened spindle. The font is also more sharply defined on the opened spindle. Both appear to have a foam spacer on top. Neither had an insert on top, but they weren’t depicted as having any type of label in the ad. The recycling diagram on the opened spindle faces OUT from the center of the spindle…the unopened spindle has the diagram facing IN toward the center. Lastly, the design printed on the DVD is different between the 2 spindles. The unopened spindle has the same design as in the ad (note the ‘S’ shape line between the words “DVD-R” and “Verbatim”, the line bisecting the DVD, and the three thin lines on the bottom half of the DVD. These don’t appear on the opened spindle of DVDs. See the picture at the bottom of this post for what the DVDs in the opened spindle look like. Now for the kicker: the code stamped on the hub is 4189E1011-04744C13…which SHOULD qualify these discs as being Prodisc, but I am now thinking that they are not. So what does this all mean?? I have no idea, but it shouldn’t be this hard to shop for quality DVD media…



For $45/100…
Easier to just buy the TY T02 from rima.com and probably safer as I can be 100% sure I’ll get great media.

BTW, noticed they have Verbatim 16X -R 100 packs for $39 shipped after $30 rebate.



Yeah, I just ordered some of the Yuden today from RIMA. This Verbatim thing is bugging me, though. Out of curiosity, I opened the spindle that was shrink-wrapped. Like in the ad, it also has white writing on the hub as opposed to my first spindle. The number stamped on the hub is 4224E1522-00113C18…which ALSO should qualify as Prodisc! I then did a quality scan. Now I don’t know what to think. Here are some scans of 1 DVD from each spindle and a TY. All media was scanned with SB/OS/WOPC set to ‘off’. First the newest spindle of Verbs: