What to do?

Sunday I was gonna buy a Lite-On 48x12x48 CDRW drive, but now the lite-on’s can’t copy the new securom and Lite-on are releasing a new 52x CDwriter very soon.

I’ve been in this situation before, Twice in fact. I bought 2 CDwriters that were good at the time, but several weeks afterwards, new copy protections were released which made them expensive paperweights.

Now that current hardware can’t copy the new securom, and lite-on (which are probably still the best) are releasing a new cd-writer very soon, should I wait until the new Securom protection is broken, and Lite-On release their new 52x Drive, or should I buy the 48x Lite-On accepting the conditions that I can only backup programs which have been released before now and that it is already an expensive paperweight?

Thoughts anyone.

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I want everything out in the open, for debate.


Originally posted by debro
Sunday I was gonna buy a Lite-On 48x12x48 CDRW drive, but now the lite-on’s can’t copy the new securom.

Neither can anything else. :frowning:

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Neither can anything else. :frowning:

Understood, but the problem is that

  1. Until the new protection is beaten, there is no guarantee that the Lite-On drives will be one of the burners which Will be able to duplicate cd’s with the new protection. Even though Clonecd or other software will likely beat it in the near future, Lite-Ons may very well be one of the burners which cannot duplicate this scheme. Lite-Ons have never been particularly great with Securom protections.

  2. A better Lite-On drive is on the way. 2 In fact.
    The Lite-On 48x16x48 is on the way very soon. And recently lite-on have posted information on the 52x24x52 drives.

The new SecuROM is a tricky one, I’m no expert but from what I’ve read the entire .ccd image structure needs to be adapted to this new version… That may take a while…

The 52x24x52x that is on the way will probably be the champion for quite some time when it gets released, if you’re the kind that likes to show off with the latest technology… :slight_smile:

I’m not too worried about the writing speed.

I was more concerned with whether it is likely that lite-ons will be able to write the new securom protection.

And if it was probably a good idea to wait until the next round of lite-on drives. (I can curently use a 24x USB2 Lite-On which is my flatmates)

The 24x re-write would come in handy though.