What to do with the bwa file?

sorry guys but i didn’t find an answer so far.

what’s next after i have created the bwa file?
will i have to burn it? if yes, how?

thanks in advance!


  • put it into the same folder as your blindread image files of the cd and with the same name (except for the extension) and then burn the blindread image in the usual way using dao pw, or
  • use it with twinpeak to patch a clonecd image and the burn the patched image with clonecd in the normal way.

maybe a sticky thread about this should help many ppl?

It reads quite simply to me

No probs for me either…
But I´ve seen this asked quite a few times in a week.

i read the info which came with blindwrite and it worked!
the problem was that i didn’t know where to search!

thank you guys!