What to do with new BenQ DW1640?

Hello everyone,

I just ordered a new BenQ DW1640 after reading the reviews and what (most) people have to say about it here on the forums. But I’m upgrading from an NEC ND2500 @ 2510 (Herrie’s FW) and all this talk of turning WOPC off and “this F/W does this, but this F/W does that…” has got my head spinning!

Can someone help me out as far as what steps I should take when I recieve my new drive to try to ensure I am getting the best write quality and performance from this drive? Do I just need to upgrade to the most recent F/W? HELP!!!

A million "thank you"s to anyone who can help!!! :bow: :bigsmile:

Thank you!

The best advice I can give…download firmware BSLB and flash the drive. Then download Q Suite 2.0…once installed…make sure to set DVD+R, DVD+RW and DVD+R DL to DVD-ROM bitsetting. The rest should take care of itself.


Ok no problem I just got 2 1640s this is what you want to do once you have installed the benq 1640

  1. Download the latest firmware for your 1640 and qsuite 2 from www.benq.com.

  2. Download the latest version of mediacodespeededit from .

  3. Extract and start the mediacodespeededit application.

  4. From within mediaspeedcodeedit load the firmware from benq you just downloaded.

  5. Now check the box labelled “Increase Read Speed” and save the speedpatched firmware.

  6. Now run the speedpatched firmware.

  7. In the flash tool select the drive to be flashes (ie BENQ DW1640) and press upgrade your firmware will now be updated once it has finished restart your computer.

  8. Install the Qsuite 2 application you previously downloaded from benq.com and start it.

  9. Press ok on the popup warning now you’re in qsuite 2.

  10. make sure your 1640 is selected in the pulldown list.

  11. If you want to be able to overspeed media goto to overspeed tab check enable and then click on Set >> YES >> System Setting >> YES (Overspeed will stay enabled).

  12. Now goto the solidburn tab. Solidburn is by default activated for unknown media codes but disabled for known media codes with the variance in quality of known media now I suggest it be activated for both So Check activated then click on Set >> YES >> System Setting >> YES. (Solidburn for unknown media will stay enabled).

  13. On the solidburn tab there are 6 spaces for the learnt media codes if you have filled this up and have a new media that you wish to use solidburn on then you will have to clear the EEPROM using the clean button.
    At the moment its not possible to delete separate solid burn strategies in qsuite 2 lets hope this changes.

Also, my experience has shown MCC 003 and YUDEN000 T02 are very good burns with BenQs.

  1. Don’t toss the NEC 2510 :smiley:

Here’s why:

just update the firmware, then enjoy it :slight_smile: WOPC is on by default, SolidBurn too.
The 1640 kills at TY media, so stock up!

I have upgraded to the external BenQ firmware, BEFB, and it works better IME than the DW1640 firmware. You might want to try that after you’ve enjoyed BSLB for a bit. BEFB = better burst rate, you can use multiple burners simultaneously.

Enjoy it :smiley:

Wow,thanks for the great info. everyone!!! I can’t wait to get my 1640 in the mail now!!! :clap: :bow:

Tips like these are exactly what I needed. And as far as the media, I just discovered that I can find MIJ Sony’s that are TYs at the nearby Best Buy, and it seems that they have some pretty good sales on the 50 count spindles. So the media shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

But seeing as how my trusty old NEC 2500@2510 was known for not being picky with media (getting good writes on most media, even of marginal quality), am I going to have to be a little more discriminating in my media purchases? I love TY’s quality, but I just like to have a backup in case I cannot find my usual media (TY, usually rebranded MIJ Fuji, Sony). Do any of the rebranders I might be familiar with use the MCC003 that were mentioned? TDK, etc.? How bad would it be if I went with a “Made in Taiwan” from one of the major resellers (Fuji, TDK, Verbatim)? Is the BenQ 1640 that picky that I would get a very disappointing burn?

Thanks again, and I would still appreciate any other tips anyone else has for when I finally get my DW1640!


Okay, see… That leads me to my next questions:

1.) What is this WOPC that everyone talks about?


2.) Why would somebody want to turn it off (from the default setting)?

I’ve seen this WOPC mentioned many times, but never found the thread(s) that explains what it is or why to have it on or off.

Thanks again!

Why does it say NEC 2510, but in the drop down menu of CD/DVD Speed it has the BenQ?

Also, is this to say that the NEC is better than the BenQ? If so, only at Dual Layer burning, or in other situations also? I have to admit, I have not even tried a DL burn, but I probably will use it when the media cost comes down some!

Hope I’m not annoying everyone with all these questions, but I just spent a lot of time looking for a burner that would (hopefully) match the quality and overall awesome experience I had with my NEC 2500@2510, but just be a little bit faster. As some others have said on here, write quality is #1 to me, but if I can have speed also, I’ll take it!!!

Thanks again!

This pretty much explains WOPC.:slight_smile:

First of all BenQ is #1 :slight_smile:

That particular nec drive cannot do a quality scan, hence the 1640 in the drive menu. The 1640 can do a great job on DL media, the quality however is not always better than what I managed to get with my nec 2510. If you ever buy DL media, the only choice is verbatim, all of the others will give primarily unplayable results. The majority of burners on the market today will also have problems with DL media other than verbatim.

Also regarding WOPC (use the search), when using TY media you’ll want to turn it off. There seems to be a characteristic wave of PIF’s at the end of a burn caused by WOPC. This is not the case for all media’s however.

Awesome! That’s what I wanted to hear! :bigsmile:

Ah, I see! And thanks for the DL tips! I had known that Verbatim was the only way to go for DL (for now), but now I know to save my NEC for any DL burning I might do!

Again, thanks for the tip! I did use the search, but all I saw was reference after reference to WOPC, but nothing really explaining it. But I do try the search first!

Thanks everybody for all the help! :bow:

I’ve burned all kinds of crap shitty media, but it’s just not worth buying anything but TY. My DW1640 handles 'em all with aplomb, but why bother? Only TY seems to retain data integrity over any length of time. That’s why i recommend it.
Also it’s true that turning WOPC off sometimes results in better TY burns, but I’ve been leaving it on and I still get 98 or better every time.
Play with it a bit, see what your burner and media are like :slight_smile:

Does this procedure speed up CD DAE as well?

You can speed up CD DAE with firmware BEFB, which increases your burst rate.

Why do I need to patch it to increase the read rate? What will be slow without it?

I thought you just had to turn on overspeed and solidburn and let 'er rip.

I have to say this huge list is rather off-putting. I think I only had to do about 4 steps on my NEC 3540 and that included removing riplock (which BenQ doesn’t even have) and RPC2.

I ordered a 1640 saturday, mostly because the 3540 is a mediocre scanning drive.

Once you fill up 6 slots, the drive doesn’t reuse old slots, I really need to reset it? That’s a bit of a bummer. Perhaps the 1650 will be more “plug and play” than the 1640?

The drive will work fine without any adjustments whatsoever but i thought you wanted to tweak you drive like a true “CDFREAK”

i sincerly doubt that using UDMA4 over UDMA2 will improve CD DAE speed. but it may improve dvd reading speed especially when writing to a drive on the same cable.

Hi All.

I wanted to cross-flash the 1640 to the external firmware BEFB.

I loaded up BQFlasher, yet the Benq does not appear in the drop down menu. What’s going on ?

It’s connected via USB2 to a laptop. It appears in all other applications. Do get errors when trying to use Nero.

The drive only supports UDMA2… UDMA4 is pointless as its only supported by HD’s and will have no bearing on your results…

Hi :slight_smile:
Not true. Several drives from the likes of Pioneer, Plextor & indeed BenQ operate better in UDMA 4 mode.(Although less so with the BenQ)
This is most noticable in write performance. Lower PIE/PIF & higher Quality Score with CDSpeed.
Burst rates are improved from around 24 Mbs to as much as 43 Mbs. Average transfer rates not so dramatic, but up also.
40 pin 80 wire IDE cable required.