What to do with dos.exe file?




I have just downloaded a file that was 750mb in size and has a dos icon and an exe extension. If I try to run it in dos I get a “program to big to fit in memory” error.

Im guessing that I need to burn it to cd and perhaps even change the file extension to ISO or IMG or similar. except I just dont know what to change it to. Also as it is it will not fit onto a cd so Im assuming that it my need to be split into two files.

Can someone point me in the right direction?



Rename the extension to .iso, .rar, .zip, or some other extension that seems suitable


I tried iso but at 750mb its too big to fit on a cd. I also tried zip and rar but they wouldnt open.

Im not sure what else to try.


Hmm… Did you try other CD image extensions? Like .nrg, .bin, or others?


I tried .nrg and .bin jusdt then but the problem is what do I do with them once I have renamed them? I cannot burn the file because its 720mb and to big for a cd-rom.


Try opening it with UltraISO


Okay I downloaded, installed UltraISo and tried to open the file but get the error message.

Invalid or unknown image file format. I had changed the extension to ISO but no luck.

Now what???


Try a range of all different image files. If it’s a CD image, it’s bound to be one of them.


Im not sure if it is a cd image though. I tried the following .bin, .cue, .cdi, .nrg, .img

What else can I try??


Have you tried leaving it as exe and running it in Windows? I dont’ think you would have gotten the DOS memory error message if it wasn’t a real EXE file.

Kinda dangerous to download and run EXEs that you don’t know what they even are though.


did you try writing it to a cd when you changed the extension to .iso?
just because it’s 720mb doesn’t mean it won’t fit, .iso’s hold a lot more information than just the cd contents it also holds track information,sub channel data and so on. Try writing it to a cd-rw instead of a cd-r.


I have had a file that was an .exe and I had to rename it to a .iso before it’d work.

What does this ‘DOS’ stand for anyways? If we knew, we could help more. (eg. Dynasty of Sunshine could be a game. So we know it’s a CD image. Oh, and Dynasty of Sunshine I just made up :p)


Well, I was assuming DOS as in the operating system DOS. :stuck_out_tongue:

Trueman35, it would certainly help to know what you ‘thought’ you were downloading.


DOS isn’t a download that big. I’m thinking DoS is standing for something.


Ooops, I didn’t mean that I thought he was downloading the DOS operating system. He just mentioned that it had a DOS type icon. Any EXE that was that large would be strange in my opinion.


Well as I’ve said before, I’ve had an .exe that had to be renamed to .iso before it’d work. The way I tested it is I opened the .iso up in UltraISO. Then if it shows the files/folders, it’s an ISO.

I am assuming it’s the same case for him, though it’d be easier to know WHAT he is downloading; so we can help him from there.


It doesn’t seem to be an ISO image. I just renamed a TXT file to EXE and got the too big for memory error that he mentioned. So, I guess the file could be anything. I hope he can tell us what he was trying to download.


Okay I downloaded a game for the kids from warezp2p, gta.exe is the file name. The file isnt called dos or anything like that but it has the dos program window for an icon. When I double click it a command window opens briefly for a second or two and then closes again. I have seen this happen with many other exe files I have downloaded in the past when trying to start them in XP.
I did try changing it to an ISO file and burning it but Nero gave me an error message that the destination disc was to small as the file was 750mb.

If I drag it into a command window thats when I get the error message about “Program too big to fit in memory.”

Any other suggestions.


Try MagicISO to open it . you may get success.


Well assuming that GTA means Grand Theft Auto, you can download them from Rockstar’s homepage (I think) for free. Both GTA and GTA II. If you tried to download any other Grand Theft Auto, we cannot help you here, as those are not legal downloads.